Euroscola Day

Aujourd’hui, c’est le jour-J!

We woke up very early this morning as today is the day that everybody has been waiting for – the Euroscola day!

We were all dressed very smartly, Jack, Robert and Daniel were wearing a kilt and there were lots of tartan trousers and skirts among the group. We went to the parliament by tram for an 8am start. It was really impressive to stand and look up at the parliament building while going through security.

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Swapping Haribo and visiting the Council of Europe

This morning we woke up and had breakfast. The smell of fresh bread and croissants was a delight!

We then met at 9 for some more French team building. In groups of two we came up with our own sketch where we met 20 years in the future. Afterwards, and in preparation for our visit this afternoon to the Council of Europe, we first learned some key information about the Council and its importance for Europe. Afterwards we sat together and came up with possible questions in French we could ask our tour guide.

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Mentors’ Favourite Moments of 2017

What a year 2017 has been! As we start 2018, we asked some of our mentors what their favourite moment of 2017 was in their native languages.


Uno dei miei momenti preferiti del campo estivo è stata la “escape room”. I nostri campers si sono districati tra mille prove, una dopo l’altra, mentre io da fuori cercavo di aiutarli senza però parlare! Sono riusciuti a risolvere tutte le prove, e a guadagnarsi una buonissima torta alla fine! Peccato però, che di torta per me non ne hanno lasciata neanche una briciola!

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