Escape and survival

This morning’s lesson was all about survival. We discussed how to give instructions in the foreign language, discussed what was most important when lost at sea and learned all the necessary vocabulary for our Bear Grylls survival documentary. Then we wrote our survival manuals in our foreign languages that we could finish with photos or videos in our afternoon project.

After pizza for lunch, we headed out on our survival challenge. We built amazing shelters, made fire with flint and steel and cooked bread on the campfire – all while discussing what was happening in our foreign languages. We even tested how waterproof the shelters were at the end of the challenge by throwing a jug of water over them.

Then it was time to take part in Aurora’s pasta cooking master class. We made our own ravioli with our choice of filling. They were really delicious and we loved the expert input of our authentic Italian pasta chef. It was the perfect homemade starter before our dessert.

We had chilli con carne with rice and tortilla chips for dinner before heading into our evening activity. We took it in turns to enter the ‘escape room’ where we had to solve riddles and challenges to get out of the room in order to win our dessert. It certainly made our brains work! When we were waiting our turn, we got the chance to relax, read, do some crafts and play sports outside with the mentors.

Swimming in the loch

This morning’s language lessons focused on adventure sports and learning how to introduce a tourist destination in our foreign languages. We did a country quiz and talked about the conditional tense and what we ‘would and could’ do on a holiday destination. We also prepared the scripts for our Loch Lomond tourist videos which we filmed the footage for on our afternoon excursion.

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Filming and Flags

We started today with our first language lessons. This morning, we were talking all about films. We watched trailers in the foreign language, looked at film reviews and learned about how to describe different types of films in our foreign languages. Then we started working on our very own French/Spanish/German scripts.

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Kicking off International Camp

Today we saw our camper arrive at airports and train stations all over Scotland to join International Camp.

Before dinner, we had some team building games so we could get to know one another better before the week ahead. We had to lift wood as a team using our word crane, beat Thomas the blind ninja, cross a toxic swamp with a very evil crocodile, pass a stick over an ever growing river and get our whole team through the rope spider web.

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