Challenges, Filming and Master Chef

We welcomed some S1 pupils from Mearns Castle High School this morning for their two-day French camp. We started the day with some team-building activities so that we could get to know everyone better and so that the pupils could introduce themselves to one another too. We played ‘ninja’, got hit by the giant ‘frite’ and used toilet paper in a new way!

Then we split into our teams to take part in the Fort Boyard challenges completely in French. We had to get our team through the spider web and a blind obstacle course, find hidden words and answer number riddles. We won coins and the winning group managed to get 8! Bravo!

After lunch, we got into our groups to create our film trailers. We had to choose a film and develop a trailer in French. We had so many characters walking about the outdoor centre today – from Shrek and Minions to Homer Simpson and Groot. The finished productions look absolutely amazing!

After some delicious French cuisine for dinner (coq au vin or ratatouille) we had our Master Chef evening. We started with a blind taste test where we had to guess what we were eating to win points for our Master Chef teams. The final taste test was snails! Nous adorons les escargots!

Then it was time for the invention test! We had to cook two courses using our given ingredients and we were really creative. We even had to present our dishes to the judges in French too. Well done to the winning team who created two outstanding dishes!

We’ve had a super day and we can’t wait until tomorrow for more French fun!

Adventuring Through the Rain

We started this morning with a cheery wake-up and delicious waffles for breakfast! Then, because of the weather, we decided to do our outdoor activities this morning when the weather was better instead of this afternoon.

We split into two groups and took part in the activity which we didn’t do yesterday. Some of us headed out to do our adventure activities – archery, high ropes and trail biking. The other group learned survival skills. We took part in fire making, bread-making, marshmallow toasting and shelter building.

We were a little wet by the end of our activities but we then went inside and had a warm lunch of filled baked potatoes. After a little bit of free time, we then did some yoga to warm-up with Kara and headed to our afternoon projects. Some of us were creating superhero comics with Kara and Hannah, some of us were making celebrity chat shows with Maxime and some of us were cooking with Thomas.

After our (rained-off) barbecue for dinner with lots of burgers, chips and ice cream, we got ready for our party. It was full of dancing, limbo and silly games with giant inflatables. We even had a photo booth with silly costumes!

It was a brilliant last night at camp, are all in bed and we are already looking forward to seeing our families tomorrow. We’ve had an awesome week!

Language, Adventure and Survival

This morning we had a buffet breakfast and then headed into the hall for our morning warm-up with Kara. We did lots of exercises to Spanish music and got ready to start the day!

Then we headed to our morning project groups. Some groups were learning Spanish with Kara and Guayi and learning about cookery. They made delicious polvorones. Another group was with Hannah learning all about superheroes and made brilliant comics. The final group were with Maxime learning about celebrities and making their own chat shows!

After some French croque monsieur for lunch, we split into two groups. One group took part in 3 adventure activities – high ropes, archery and trail biking. The other group learned about survival skills. They made their own mini fires, cooked bread and toasted marshmallows on the fire and even built outstanding shelters in the forest. We tested how waterproof they were by throwing some water over them too!

After some Mexican dinner, we had our Master Chef challenge. We started with a taste test where we tried different foods –  from mussels to bananas! The team who guessed the most foods correctly won the chance to choose their invention test ingredients first. Everyone got to work and created amazing dishes! We were so impressed and so were the brave judges (the teachers).

The winning group did amazingly well with their couscous main course and chocolate grape dessert. They won the coveted Master Chef wooden spoons!

Everyone is now in bed and we had so much more in store for tomorrow and we can’t wait!

Outdoor Games and Egg-streme Challenges

Barassie Primary School arrived this morning to join us on their 4-day French and Spanish camp. When they arrived on the bus, we showed everyone to their rooms and then got started with our foreign language team-building games. We had to tell people about ourselves using toilet paper, be ninjas and even transport balls using only tubes. We worked really well as a team!

After some sandwiches for lunch, we had some free time and then did some more team-building activities. We had to complete obstacle courses, ski on dry land and even get our team through spider webs!

Then it was time for everyone’s favourite team game – capture the flag. We had ‘équipe France’ and ‘équipe Ecosse’ competing against one another. Each team had amazing chants in French and the game was full of action. In the end, the French team were victorious.

Then we had our Fort Boyard challenge. The campers had a map to navigate around the site and find the logic and physical challenges to win coins. The challenges involved solving riddles, working as a team to lift blocks from the toxic circle and even find hidden words for our crossword.

We had various pasta dishes for dinner, and even the chance to try snails! Then it was time to do our egg-streme games. We had to complete quiz rounds and play mini games to win points. The games were really silly like wrapping each other up as mummies, sticking post-it notes to our faces and getting jaffa cakes from our foreheads into our mouths!

The winning team won the most equipment to protect their egg. Everyone was busy planning and making their egg parachutes and protections. The finished designs look great and we will be testing how effective they are tomorrow! If the eggs survive, the campers get to break them over the head of a mentor!

Everyone is now in bed and relaxing before another action-packed day at language camp tomorrow! We have lots of fun in store. À demain!