Acting in the airport and touring Strasbourg

It’s Euroscola time again! We started the day at 8am, meeting at Glasgow airport and checking in for our flights to Strasbourg. It was great to finally meet everyone and find out a little more about our visit. Our first flight was really smooth and after landing in Amsterdam we had some time for lunch.

Our teachers made sure we got in the French mood straight away. We played some French people bingo and created sketches where we imagined meeting our new friends in twenty years time. We performed the sketches at a quiet area of the airport and we very much enjoyed laughing at the creativity. Some of the group were lion tamers and astronauts!

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Funniest moments of 2017

This year has gone so quickly! As we look back at all our Articulate camps throughout 2017, we would like to share some of the highlights and the memories that we shared together. So, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with our funniest moments of 2017.

Maxime’s epic slide

One of the most beloved games at our language camps is Capture the Flag. It usually becomes rather competitive, especially amongst the mentors. During our Mearns Castle Academy residential camp, one of the Articulate mentors, Maxime, heroically slid through waves of mud in an attempt to catch Thomas and send hi to prison, looking a little like a giant whale in the process. He had to head straight for the shower once the game was over!

French onion soup

During our language camps, we like to give campers the opportunity to taste new foods. At Ayr Grammar’s language camp this year, the menu included French onion soup. Let’s just say it wasn’t a big hit! So Marin (France’s own Ed Sheeran), came up with a song about the French onion soup. The campers loved it and they even sang it around the campfire! Onion soup! Onion Soup!

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French School and our Strasbourg Challenge

This morning after our delicious continental breakfast, we headed to lycée André Marois to meet with their wonderful students and teachers. We started the morning by showing them a traditional Scottish ceilidh dance and then the pupils joined in too. The school had some lovely cakes and drinks for us and we took some shortbread for them to try too.

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