Street Surveys and the Council of Europe

We started our morning with the preparation for our ‘sondage’. We practised our questions and created our own question, ready to head out to the streets of Strasbourg and speak to people about their opinions on Scotland, Europe and the EU.

In our groups of two or three, we headed into the city to the Christmas markets to find people who were happy to answer our questions. The streets were busy and the pupils even managed to find Spaniards to interview! We braved the weather and were really impressed by everyone’s confidence. It was really interesting to hear what people think.

We then had some free time to look around the markets, do some souvenir shopping and try some of the regional festive foods. It was a lovely cultural experience.

This afternoon we visited the Council of Europe, a European Institution based in Strasbourg that we will still be part of after Brexit. We had a guided tour, were shown a presentation on what the role of the council is and we had a question and answer session with our tour guide. It was really interesting and made it clearer what the role of the European parliament is for our visit on Thursday.

Then we headed back to the hostel and prepared for tomorrow’s Strasbourg challenge. We’ll be working with the pupils at the French school to create our own mini documentaries.

After a delicious French dinner, it was time to head out to visit la Petite France – the old quarters of Strasbourg known for its stunning buildings. Thomas and Nelly gave us a tour and told us the history of the region. We even did the Gay Gordons on ‘les ponts couverts’ in preparation for tomorrow’s school visit.

Then it was time to head to a local French bar, owned by a friend of one of our accompanying teachers, Ishbel. She befriended the owner when she spent a year abroad in Strasbourg. It was cool to see how international friendships can be formed during university and last a lifetime!

We are now back at the hostel and in bed, ready for an early start and another busy day tomorrow!

Travelling and arriving in beautiful Strasbourg

Our journey down to Strasbourg was certainly long but we made sure we had lots of fun along the way with films, plenty of stops and even some foreign language presentations. It was a good chance for us to get to know one another better.

When we arrived at our hostel in the city at 3 o’clock we were all relieved to have somewhere to have a shower and rest our heads. We were shown to our rooms and given a chance to unwind.

Before dinner, we had a team-building activity. We had to create sketches in our foreign languages where we imagined we met one another 20 years in the future. There were lots of funny situations including an astronaut, 14 children, heart surgery and even marrying a French actor. Everybody’s language and acting skills were absolutely fantastic.

Afterwards we headed for our buffet. There was a huge choice tonight and everyone found something they liked to eat. The food in France never disappoints.

Then we headed out to see the beautiful city of Strasbourg by night. Thomas and Nelly told us lots of facts as we went on our walking tour – the upside down trees, the site where the French national anthem was first sung and of course, the stunning cathedral. It was a great chance to see the city and we can’t wait to see it tomorrow in the daylight too.

Now everyone has headed off to their rooms. Tonight’s comfortable beds will be a huge step up from our journey on the bus last night! We are all looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

Just as a reminder: Thomas’ number is +447471019801. Feel free to get in touch in the case of an emergency.

À demain! ¡Hasta mañana! Bis morgen!

Language Quest in a Storm

Unfortunately for us, storm Ali hit Lapwing Lodge today so many of our activities were indoors. We didn’t let that stop our fun though!

We started the day with waffles for breakfast and another great warm-up from Ben. Then we headed to our morning language projects. There was amazing French celebrity film-making, outstanding comic creation and cookery once again. We had lots of fun and learned lots.

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