A full day at Articulate

Wow, what a day!

Yesterday, the campers from Spain arrived and visited Edinburgh. This morning we were joined by their new friends from Glasgow. All 40 campers have had a full day of fun and language learning.

We started the day with some team-building to get to know one another better. We skied on a field, untangled a human knot and learned lots about one another through toilet paper! There were lots of activities and it was lots of fun. Continue reading …

Singing and survival.

After breakfast this morning, we had a great dance warm-up with Kara to get our bodies and brains ready to learn. We then revised our vocabulary, wrote our diaries and learned lots in today’s lesson about talking in the past in French. Everyone picked it up so fast and we were all impressed.

Morning warm-up

Morning dance lessons.

French lessons

Le cours de français.

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