Ending the evening in Hawaii!

This morning we started our day with pancakes for breakfast and took part in Nelly’s warm-up which was like the French version of the Hockey Cockey.

DSCF1007Then we took part in our last project lesson. It was so great to see how much the campers have improved over the week! The pirate film-making group were out and about making superb movies and the Spanish pizza group were cooking up delicious delights.


The superhero group were busy creating fantastic superheroes, learning about super homes, competing in lots of challenges requiring super human speed and strength and of course, creating amazing comic books in French.




We started the afternoon with a game of rounders or football as the weather was so great and we just wanted to be outside. Then we started our treasure hunt. First, we had to win points by competing against the mentors. We had to jump farther than Iñigo or hammer our nail in quicker that Joséphine. We were really good and won lots of points.



Then we set out with our maps to find our challenge locations. We had to work as a team to cross a swamp, create a piece of Van Gogh’s art, and even use maths and French to solve a Spanish riddle.


IMG_3994 (1)


The winners of the treasure hunt were ‘Warriors of Ecosse’ who found the French and Spanish really quickly.

Tonight we had a barbecue which was delicious. Thomas was working hard to make our burgers and we had vegetable kebabs and halloumi cheese too.



After it was party time! We had a Hawaiian party and photo booth. We had some limbo and races with our giant inflatable whale and dolphin. It was a great night to end the week.




We are so sad that tomorrow is the last day but we still have a busy morning in store. We know that there will be lots of parents that will be super happy to see their amazing children again.

À demain. ¡Hasta mañana!

Survival, kayaking and climbing.

We started today with an amazing Zumba workout led by Iñigo after a Spanish themed breakfast. We tried ‘pan con tomate’ which tasted great!

IMG_3678 (1)

Then we had our language projects. The Spanish cooking group were playing lots of funny food-themed games and cooked delicious pizzas for their lunch. They even created a cookery show to teach people how to make pizzas.

IMG_3683 (1)

IMG_3729 (1)

The pirate film-making group loved dressing up and there were some phenomenal superheroes created in the comic book project.

IMG_3736 (1)

IMG_3719 (1)

We are so impressed by how much and how quickly the campers are learning the foreign languages. Bravo! ¡Muy bien!

The afternoon was full of adventure and campers got the chance to take part in the activities they didn’t get to do yesterday – survival or adventure sport. While many were tackling obstacle courses and building dens, others were climbing and kayaking. There was probably more swimming than kayaking though!




Even with a sore ankle, no man was left behind on our survival obstacle course! That’s teamwork!


After an amazing Mexican-themed dinner of nachos, fajitas and chilli, we headed out for a campfire with lots of singing and marshmallows. Now we are all watching a brilliant French film called ‘le Petit Nicolas’. It’s so funny!


IMG_3981 (1)

Tomorrow is another jam-packed day. We just can’t wait!

Lots of adventure in the sun!

This morning, after some delicious croissants for breakfast we went into our language groups. Some of us were in the French pirate film-making group, some us were trying out Spanish while making pizzas and some of us were designing our own superhero comics in French!

The film-making group learned all about school subjects in French and their films are all about a crazy pirate school. They look amazing.




After lunch, we split into two groups. Some people were taking part in a survival afternoon – playing a game of ‘camouflage’, conquering the assault course, building (kind of) waterproof shelters and making bread on a campfire. The afternoon was awesome!




The others were cooling off in the lake in their kayaks, shooting bull’s eyes and climbing to the sky! They were all really brave!




This evening was lots of fun because we had our very own Masterchef. We had a blind taste test (even with snails) and campers won points to choose their cooking ingredients. They then  had to create a two course meal for some harsh judges – their teachers. Etienne’s group were the winners. Bravo!



We can’t wait for another day tomorrow. We are all exhausted! Bonne nuit!

The sunniest day ever.

We were so excited when we arrived at Lapwing Lodge this morning for our camp adventure. We started the day with a tour around the building and then we got started with lots of games. We played ninja, ‘energie’ and even had to transport a ball along pipes! It was challenging but lots of fun.




After some delicious sandwiches for lunch, we headed out for some team building. We were skiing on dry ground, had to get our whole team through the spider web and even had to flip a magic sheet while we were all on it.




Then we headed out to play capture the flag and extreme dodgeball. It was really sunny and we loved spending time outside.




We had a culture class where we had to guess if French and Spanish stereotypes were true or false. It was funny because our mentors acted them all out – do French people really smell bad? Do Spanish people sleep all the time? We had pasta for dinner and some ice cream because the weather was so good.

This evening, we played egg-streme games. We had to complete lots of silly challenges like peeling a banana with our feet, getting a Jaffa cake into our mouths without touching it and transporting a balloon with our heads.



We then won points to get equipment to protect our egg. We made parachutes and then Thomas threw our eggs off of the roof. Only one egg survived – Guayi’s group’s. The group decided to egg Thomas. Poor Thomas!



Now we are all in bed and ready for another fun-filled day tomorrow. We can’t wait! À demain. ¡Hasta mañana!