Une aventure dans la forêt.

This morning we started the day with pancakes for breakfast and then headed to our project groups to learn some more French. The campers learned all about asking questions in French and recorded some more fantastic podcasts in ‘les célébrités’ group.


In the film making group, ‘les cuisiniers’, the campers created storyboards and filmed some amazing crazy cookery shows. We loved their costumes and were impressed by their brilliant filming.

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Adventure in the sun.

We started the day with some delicious croissants for breakfast and then we headed to our morning project groups. We played some games to warm-up and then we learned all the language we’d need to create our piece of media. One group made fantastic films about a crazy French café.



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Arrival at camp.

We made the journey this evening all the way from Dundee to Lendrick Muir. When we arrived, we were greeted by our mentors in French and were shown to our rooms for the next 5 days. The building is really cool!

Then we had a presentation all about the centre and met our mentors for the week. We played some games like ‘ninja’, zap and the toilet paper game where we had to tell our mentor lots about ourselves in French. Now our mentors know us really well!



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A sporty end to the week.

We started this morning with everyone getting packed and ready to go home. Everyone said that they absolutely loved Capture the Flag so we decided to have another game – P7a vs P7b. Everyone had lots of fun and the game ended with one win each!DSCF4177


Then we had an Olympic Games and we had team Ecosse, team France and team España. We had relay races, sack races and even a tug of war.





After lunch it was time to watch the pirate films we had made this week, see all the photos from of us doing the activities and get our certificates. Everyone has a special ‘camp’ name in French or Spanish to remember something they were great at throughout the week. They also got an Articulate t-shirt too. The campers asked lots of the mentors to sign them!



Everyone had an amazing time this week and the mentors were so proud of everything the campers achieved. We wish everyone an amazing time at secondary school next year!

Thank you so much for being part of such a great week with us.