Spider Webs and Cottage Cheese

We were delighted to welcome senior pupils from St Luke’s High School today for their foreign language immersion camp and we have been doing activities in French, Spanish and Italian.

We started off with our packed lunches and then headed out on our Fort Boyard challenges. We had to get our team through spider webs, cross swamps, solve riddles and even transport water blindfolded. We even managed to do all that in the languages we are learning!

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Le défi de Strasbourg

This morning, we started the day with a delicious French breakfast and then learned all about our Strasbourg challenge – le défi de Strasbourg. The plan for today was to create a documentary in our groups in French to present the city of Strasbourg in a certain light.

We then headed out to la Petite France, Strasbourg’s old town, for a walking your. Some of the group presented the key places and told us a little about the history in French. It was a beautiful day!

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