Campfires and camp songs

After breakfast, we started our morning with some yoga as a warm-up and there was a little ‘ninja’ action too. It was a great way to start the day!

Then it was time for our morning projects. We each did a different project from the day before and were superheroes, chefs or celebrity film directors. We learned lots of French and Spanish along the way too.

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Action, survival and golden wooden spoons

This morning started with pain au chocolat for breakfast and a morning warm-up to get us all moving. We danced some salsa and got ready for the exciting day ahead.

Then we headed to our project groups. Two groups learned about cooking in Spanish with Guayi and Ana and made delicious biscuits called ‘polvorones’. Two groups joined Romain and Alexandre in the superhero lesson where they created their own comic books in French and two groups joined Etaine and Marin and made their very own French celebrity chat show. There were lots of wonderful dressing-up costumes too!

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Pool noodles and confetti eggs!

We were delighted to welcome our campers from Ayr Grammar this morning and we started the day with a welcome from the Articulate team, met our mentors and heard all about the rules for the week.

We headed to our rooms and settled in before getting to know our mentors with lots of fun games   like ninja, the toilet paper game and ‘blind ninjas’ where our teachers got to hit us with pool noodles! They had great fun but so did we.

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