Kicking off International Camp

Today we saw our camper arrive at airports and train stations all over Scotland to join International Camp.

Before dinner, we had some team building games so we could get to know one another better before the week ahead. We had to lift wood as a team using our word crane, beat Thomas the blind ninja, cross a toxic swamp with a very evil crocodile, pass a stick over an ever growing river and get our whole team through the rope spider web.

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Capturing the Cowboy Flag

We started the day with delicious rolls and sausage for breakfast and then headed straight into our first language lesson for the day which was all about clothes. After that, we headed outside for some capture the flag – cowboys vs native Americans.

Then it was time to tackle the climbing wall. We took part in the gladiator and some campers even climbed blindfolded! George the monkey, who was rescued in our Detective Camp was also taking part in his very own climbing helmet.

Then it was time to put on our own fashion show. We created our own outfits and took to the catwalk. Then we added our own voiceovers to our fashion show video in French and English to explain what we were wearing in our foreign languages.

We then played some wild west games outside. In one game, blind lasso, we had to try to touch Thomas and get back to our cones without being caught by the pool noodle lasso! It was really tricky but lots of fun.

After our last lesson about weather in the dessert, it was time to get ready to go home. We packed our bags and met our parents in the main hall. We were so happy to see them after 4 days at camp and we were excited to show them everything we created. We showed our films, our animations and even our fashion show video. We also received our certificates with our camp names in French and English.

We had a great week and all the mentors would love to see everyone again next year!

A day in the Wild West

Today was the first day of our Wild West theme and after a delicious breakfast of pain au chocolat, we made some fantastic native American headdresses. We looked amazing!

Then it was time for our Wild West games. We herded balloon cattle, knocked down the tins with a water pistol and chased Thomas the donkey to steal his tail.

After our lesson all about farm animals, we made a Stop Motion animation and wrote our script for the voiceover in French or English. It’s a fantastic film which features a demon sheep and pigs turning into bacon. A true blockbuster!

After baked potatoes for lunch, we headed into the forest to build our native American teepee. We tested to see how waterproof it was too and we didn’t get too wet when Kara threw a bucket of water over it.

Then we learned how to safely make our own fires and we made bread dough and cooked it over the fire. It was delicious. Délicieux!

After crêpes for dinner, we had our Wild West wild games where we completed Mhairi’s challenges. We put tooth picks in cucumbers to make cacti, built brides in the desert, dressed up as cowboy characters, get kit-kats from our foreheads into our mouths and we even had a lacrosse race – a game invented by native Americans and named by the French!

We are all super exhausted tonight after such action-packed days. We fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. We are looking forward to seeing our parents tomorrow too! À demain!

Finding George

After some delicious croissants for breakfast, we started the day by writing some ransom notes in our foreign languages. We then sent them to Thomas so that we could trade George with him later in the day.

Then it was time to go raft building. We had to use our teamwork and imagination to build our own raft and then send it onto the lake. After sailing around that lake for a while, Thomas and Mhairi joined the raft and most of the campers ended up in the water. Everyone got very wet but we had lots of fun!

Poor Aurora got a little wet when everyone came out!

Then we had some language lessons where we learned lots about describing people and their professions to help us find out who stole George. After lunch, we finally got the chance to open our clue envelopes which gave us lots of clues to work out in French, Italian and English.

We had to work out which mentor stole George, when he was taken and where he is now. We found out that it was Miss Red and of course, we arrested her and gave Thomas George back! We found him in the utility room inside a pot! Thomas was so happy.

Then it was time to film our spy films. We finished our scripts, perfected our stories and started to record our amazing films. We got dressed up in our costumes and we were fantastic actors and actresses. We can’t wait to show our parents the finished films!

This evening, it was BBQ time. We were so lucky because the sun came out and we could spend our evening outdoors. Thomas made us some delicious food on the grill and we toasted marshmallows for dessert.

We ended the evening with some chilled time relaxing in the lounge with the film ‘Sing’. Now we have headed to bed and we are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow, this time in the wild west.