Camouflage and midges

This morning we started the day with some delicious waffles for breakfast. Since the weather forecast was so terrible for the afternoon, we decided to do our adventure activities this morning instead.

We started the day with a game of ‘camouflage’ and we headed into the forest for our big game of hide and seek. We were really fast.


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Games in the rain

We were so excited to welcome pupils from Kincaidston Primary this morning to our camp at Lapwing Lodge. As soon as everyone arrived, we headed to our dorms and heard all about the camp ahead.

It was then time to play some games to work as a team and to help our mentors could get to know us better. We were ninjas, had to get past a blind samurai with a pool noodle, get a hula hoop around a circle without breaking the chain and even transport a tennis ball using tubes. There were lots of challenges.

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