Debates, Quests and Barbecue Masters

This morning, to start off our Spanish themed menu, we had our breakfast buffet with the addition of ‘pan con tomate’ and then got ready for our morning lesson.

This morning, we were learning about giving opinions, making comparisons and arguing a point. In our debate project, the groups were discussing some very interesting topics. Are unicorns better than zombies? Is Haribo better than Milka? Should we sleep late in the morning? Should we eat insects?

Then for lunch, we had ‘montaditos’ which are small sandwiches filled with delicious fillings from Spain such as jamón serrano and goat’s cheese. There were olives and patatas fritas on the side too.

This afternoon we had our Castle Quest. Our mentors were hidden around the grounds of the castle and each had a challenge for us. We had to complete a jigsaw with our hands in a box, transport water to the bamboo tower, and solve language and number riddles. By winning points at each challenge, we won our paper disks for the final challenge of the quest. We had to make our way through an obstacle course with our legs tied together like a caterpillar and protect our disks from getting damaged by the water guns. We had lots of fun and learned lots of new things!

For dinner we had some tasty nachos, chilli and watermelon. Afterwards, there were lots of competitive games of table tennis happening and some of us even went for a short swim!

This evening’s activity was our barbecue Master Chef. Each team had a tray of foods to invent a dish with – from black pudding to mini sausages, there was a huge range to choose from. Teams could trade and swap ingredients and had to develop two courses for Nelly and Thomas, the judges, and each had their own barbecues to cook with on the beach.

The final creations were delicious and everyone was very impressed. The teams presented their dishes to the judges in the languages they are learning and received some feedback from the judges. The winning group cooked a delicious vegetable bake alongside their burger in garlic bread and took home the coveted Master Chef golden wooden spoons. Well done!

Tomorrow is our excursion day and we’re off to the isle of Arran for the day! We can’t wait!

Kayaking, Haggis and the Great Escape

This morning we were woken up by some lovely loud music and had an interesting Scottish breakfast to start the day. As well as our usual breakfast buffet, we could try Scottish lorne sausage (in the shape of a square) and tattie scones which look just like potato pancakes.

Then it was time for our lessons and this morning’s theme was ‘survival’. We learned all about first aid, watched comprehension videos on how to make fire and even created our own survival guides on how to survive different situations. The Spanish group made a crazy manual on how to survive a cheese attack while Hannah’s English group created a complex survival situation involving crocodiles and straws!

After a quick lunch of baked potatoes, we headed straight to get ready in our swimwear and we were collected by our outdoor instructors in their minibuses. We got our wetsuits and we went to a nearby bay to learn how to kayak and paddle board. We played games and spent lots of time pushing one another off of their boats and swimming in the sea.

We were delighted the rain stayed off for us!

For dinner tonight, the adventurous among us could try famous Scottish haggis, needs and tatties and we had cranachan, a dessert made with toasted oats, cream, raspberries and honey.

After getting the chance to show after so much time in the sea, our evening activities tonight involved using our minds. While one group were challenged by games (including Uno and Dobble, of course) in the Casino room the other group had to get themselves out of the escape room. Using language skills, maths and logic, the room certainly challenged us all but…

Now we are all relaxing before bed after another busy day. Tomorrow will bring sunshine and of course, more fun language learning.

Arrivals, Films and Zombies

We were so excited to welcome this year’s International Camp participants to Culzean Castle yesterday for this year’s camp. We had people arriving on flights throughout the day and some campers unfortunately had some pretty long delays. Everyone was delighted to finally arrive!

We first played some team-building games to get to know one another better and learn everyone’s names. It was great to meet people from all over Europe who are learning the languages we speak.

After dinner, we had our Campers vs Mentors challenge. We had lots of mini games to play, such as getting as many post-it notes on your face as possible or knocking over skittles with tights and balls on our heads. There were even some tricky sentences to say in French, Spanish, German and English with a mouth piece in! The four-man press-up was a particularly tricky one. In the end, ‘the cheesy squirrels’ won and the mentor team lost so the winners got to choose a mentor to break an egg over the head of. They chose Kara and she ended the evening quite eggy! Continue reading …