Language Quest in a Storm

Unfortunately for us, storm Ali hit Lapwing Lodge today so many of our activities were indoors. We didn’t let that stop our fun though!

We started the day with waffles for breakfast and another great warm-up from Ben. Then we headed to our morning language projects. There was amazing French celebrity film-making, outstanding comic creation and cookery once again. We had lots of fun and learned lots.

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Adventures in the Rain

We started our day with some delicious croissants for breakfast and then Ben led our morning warm-up to make sure we were all ready to learn. There was lots of stretching and even a little bit of salsa!

Then we had our morning language projects. One group, with Nelly and Ben were learning about superheroes and created beautiful comics. Kara’s group were learning about foods in Spanish and baked delicious Argentinian biscuits called ‘alfajores’. Charlotte’s group wrote a script for a brilliant celebrity chat show.

After lunch, it was time for adventure. We had three activities and rotated around high ropes, archery and survival skills. Everyone tried really hard and pushed themselves out of their comfort zones. The mentors were super impressed!

After some Mexican fajitas for dinner, we had some free-time and then prepared for Master Chef. We started with a blind taste test. One member of our group had to guess what the food from France or Spain was. There was everything from brie to Spanish chorizo.

Then we had our invention test. Our groups had to use the ingredients on the tray to create two courses for our fantastic judges – Mrs Clarkson and Miss Blaikie. We worked really well as teams!


We presented our dishes in French and learned all the words for our ingredients!

The judges tried our dishes and gave us feedback. They were really impressed! The winning group will receive their prizes on Thursday!

Now we’re all in bed and ready for another exciting day tomorrow! We’re hoping that the weather forecast looks better in the morning.

Games, Colours and Togas

This morning, we started our German-themed menu with bread, meats and cheeses for breakfast. Then it was time for our last lesson. This morning, it was all about games. We learned games from the countries where the languages we study are spoken and our project was to create our very own board game in English, French, Spanish or German. The ideas were amazing – from Fortnite, the board game, to complex card games!


For lunch, we had a selection of lovely German salads like ‘Nudelsalat’ which matched well with the sunny afternoon. Then we had some free time and there was a great game of volleyball!

Then it was time for our ‘Clan War’ colour run. We first split into clans where we designed our flags and white suits based on our colours. The team logos looked amazing!

Then we headed on the minibus to the beach park for our game. We had to get the other teams coloured in as much of our team colour as possible to win the game. We had to collect our colours from the centre circle when we ran out and try to attack the other teams’ bases too. The yellow team did a great job and won the camper colours but the blue team coloured the most flags!

Then, as it was so warm, the campers had a choice to head to the sandy beach one last time or to take part in the technical bake-off challenge. While around half of the campers headed to the beach, the others made some amazing tiramisu, apfelstrudel and tarta de Santiago. The desserts were awesome and were shared with everyone after dinner this evening.

For dinner, we had some German Currywurst with chips and bread rolls as well as salads. Then we headed to our rooms to pack for leaving tomorrow and get ready for this evening’s toga party.

At the party, we came in our beautifully designed togas, and started dancing to Hannah’s amazing DJ skills. We had some games too like building European landmarks with our bodies and a little bit of limbo! Finally, it was to end the evening by receiving our certificates, t-shirts and watching all our videos and photos of the week.

We can’t believe it is the last night of camp! We’re so sad we’ll be leaving tomorrow but we are very much looking forward to seeing our families again!