Our International Summer School

Last week, a class of English learners from Dijon in France joined our French learners from Ayrshire to take part in our exciting bilingual language summer school.

Our Scottish learners, from Stewarton and Dunlop, acted as host families for the young French children. The Scottish children have been learning French for the past year with Articulate Language Camps’ Stewarton French class and have developed a great understanding of the language.

Learners as young as 6 and as old as 12 were involved in this summer programme where everyone took part in themed morning language lessons and exciting cultural excursions in the afternoon. Our Scottish learners were great little tour guides for the visitors.

The mornings saw the campers creating treasure maps on Pirate Day, making shortbread and ‘tarte aux pommes’ on Little Cook Day, hunting for dragon eggs and rescuing princesses on Fairytale Day and travelling around the world on Scotland Day. Katie, 10, from Stewarton, really enjoyed the classes and learning with young French people. She said, “It was fun, educational and I really liked having a French student stay with us as we enjoyed getting to know someone from a different country”.


Learning directions while making a treasure map.


Learning about food in French while making a traditional French apple pie.


Lots of delicious ‘tarte aux pommes’.


Discussing the questions found in the dragon eggs.


Daniel’s favourite French word!

In the afternoons, our campers were out and about exploring everything Ayrshire and Glasgow had to offer. Our group games and activities strengthened their relationships and sport activities always conquer language barriers and borders to bring people together!


At the Riverside Museum, Glasgow.


At the Riverside Museum, Glasgow.


On the Tall Ship on the Clyde.


Warriors in Lainshaw Woods, Stewarton.


“Tossing the Caber’ at our very own Highland Games.


Having fun at Dean Castle, Kilmarnock.


Suit of armour at Dean Castle.


Sandcastles on Troon beach.


Having fun on the Ayrshire Coast.


Ice cream on the beach.

All the children involved had a brilliant week and even the parents thought it was a great opportunity for their little ones. Jane, who welcomed a French 11 year old into her home said, “Our children really enjoyed the summer school, which was made all the better as we had a French student staying with us. The children were exhausted but very happy at the end of each day as there were so many activities. Their French is coming along nicely too”.

An amazing week was had by all and there were lots of tears and hugs when the French children left at the weekend. It won’t be long though as they’ll be back next year! À l’année prochaine!

To find out more, contact Kara on 07791 698945 or email at nisbet.kara@articulate-languagecamps.com.

Amis Mots have arrived!

This afternoon, we welcomed the first group of Amis Mots learners to Ayrshire. Their plane was a little delayed but we were there to welcome them when they finally arrived. They were happy to arrive in Scotland but thought it was very cold! There’s a heatwave in France but certainly not here!

Airport pick-up.

Waiting at the airport.


Welcoming the French campers at the airport.

We took them to our language centre where they met their host families and went home for dinner. While one family went for traditional British fish and chips, the others had hamburgers and chips. Delicious!

We all met at 7pm to get to know one another better. We played some games to learn the names of one another and games where we had to work in a team. The learners were really great at it and we were so impressed by how much they understood.







It was lots of fun and everyone is looking forward to Pirate Day tomorrow!

We’ll be back at the end of the week to tell you all more about Amis Mots’ Scottish adventure!

Ayrshire children say ‘bonjour’ to new French friends.

Stewarton families will be welcoming French children into their homes this summer and sharing their language and culture with them. Not only will the French children be learning English, the Scottish children will be taking part in French learning programmes too and will be putting all their previous French learning into practice.

This language exchange programme, led by Articulate Language Camps, brings children together and makes learning a language meaningful. Each morning offers a different themed language lesson which will see the children prepare recipes for traditional food from their country and take part in bilingual pirate treasure hunts. Les crêpes sont délicieuses and the French children will love their first experience of shortbread!

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