Singing and survival.

After breakfast this morning, we had a great dance warm-up with Kara to get our bodies and brains ready to learn. We then revised our vocabulary, wrote our diaries and learned lots in today’s lesson about talking in the past in French. Everyone picked it up so fast and we were all impressed.

Morning warm-up

Morning dance lessons.

French lessons

Le cours de français.

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Capturing the flag and working as a team.

It’s the first day of Bucksburn Academy’s French camp and we have had a great time. The campers arrived around 11am and were welcomed with some pancakes and some name games so that our mentors could get to know everyone quickly. We even played a game involving toilet paper! It’s was so sunny that everyone enjoyed a little bit of free time outside too playing some sport.


Playing football in the sun.


A game of ‘French’ frisbee.

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Our first day at International Camp

With campers arriving yesterday from all over Europe (and even from the USA), everyone was excited to get to camp and get to know one another. We played a lot of team-building games and took part in activities ranging from banana relays and egg tossing to wooden skis and pipe races. The night ended with our egg-streme games, with campers competing in mini challenges which involved a giant game of Kerplunk and Hungry Hippos. It was hilarious! The team’s both won and got the chance t0 break eggs over the heads of some lucky chosen counsellors.

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