Treasure Hunts and Casino

This morning we had a lesson all about journalism and asking questions. We played lots of games that encouraged us to ask questions such as ’20 questions’ and ‘who am I?’. Then we brainstormed our ideas for creating our own treasure hunt for visitors to Helensburgh, the town where we are staying on camp. We had to come up with questions and challenges that would encourage people to see and experience the town.

Then we had delicious gyros for lunch and the headed into Helensburgh to research our treasure hunts. We explored what we could ask questions about, interviewed some locals and then came back to the camp to type up our finished challenges.

Next, we headed to the library where we presented our finished product to the librarian who will display the finished products for local residents and tourists to complete and learn more about the town. They were very impressed by what the campers developed. It was then time for a half-hour of free time in the town with the chance to have an ice cream in the rain or play some Pokemon Go!

After dinner, our zombie challenge was rained off so we had Casino night instead. There was competitive Jenga, Uno, Yatzee and even Roulette. At the end of the evening, Sina had the most chips and won an inflatable banana. Well done Sina!

Aurora even led some karaoke after the games had finished!

The weather forecast is looking better for tomorrow and we have lots more fun in store.

Challenges in the City

Today was excursion day! We got up and headed straight to Edinburgh to visit the city. We had our lessons on the train which were all about visiting a city and the city of Edinburgh.

When we arrived, we started our City Treasure Hunt. We had to answer questions that took us all over the city and complete silly challenges like photo bombing tourists, getting autographs from street performers, interview tourists, swapping up a cereal bar and fitting as many people as possible inside a phone box. Marcus managed to swap his cereal bar up to a caricature of himself and another group got a whole block of gourmet fudge!

Then we went for a small walk up part of Arthur’s Seat to get a nice view across the city. When the rain started though, we headed back down.

Then everyone got some free-time to do some souvenir shopping and visit some museums or Harry Potter sites.

We had some fish and chips for dinner before we headed back on the train and we didn’t get back until 9 o’clock! We are now just relaxing, playing some (heated) games and drinking some tea. Everyone is enjoying a little bit of down time before we begin again with lots of activity tomorrow.


Youtube and The Crystal Maze

This morning we had our first language lessons of the week. We learned who our teachers would be and headed into our groups. We looked at Youtube videos in the foreign language, talked about which types of videos there are and even wrote scripts for our very own Youtube viral videos.

After pizza for lunch, we filmed our videos. The French group make an amazing makeover video, the Spanish group made a video called ‘5 maneras de despertarse’, ‘5 ways to get up in the morning’ and the German/English group made a crazy challenge video involving some disgusting sandwiches.

Then it was time for the Crystal Maze. We had to find the mentors who were hidden all over the building and complete their challenges. They had to solves riddles, build boats, knock things down with tights on our heads and even build totem poles! We won coloured balls for completing them which we later traded in for coloured powders.

Then we headed to the forest for the final. Each team had to find their base flag and the colour battle began, throwing powder to colour the bases in our colours.

The green team were the winners! After dinner, we headed to the sports hall for sports choice. Campers could choose between badminton, short tennis and football. It was certainly an active evening!

We are exhausted after another busy and we are looking forward to our Edinburgh challenges tomorrow!