Le Défi de Strasbourg

This morning we started the day with some preparation for tomorrow’s Euroscola day. We discussed our topics for tomorrow’s debate and shared our research and ideas. Our topics are the environment, migration, cultural heritage, the future of Europe, human rights and youth employment. We are now well prepared for presenting and debating tomorrow.

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Council of Europe, Germany and a Street Survey

This morning we headed straight to breakfast and then on the bus to the Council of Europe, one of Strasbourg’s European institutions that the UK is set to remain part of after Brexit. We were welcomed by our enthusiastic French tour guide who told us about the council’s role and the European Court of Human Rights. We watched a video about the organisation in their specially built theatre and then headed into the hemicycle for more information from our guide and the chance to ask questions. It was so interesting to find out more about how the council protects Europe’s citizens, especially since so many of the participants this year are planning to study law next year!

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Acting in the airport and touring Strasbourg

It’s Euroscola time again! We started the day at 8am, meeting at Glasgow airport and checking in for our flights to Strasbourg. It was great to finally meet everyone and find out a little more about our visit. Our first flight was really smooth and after landing in Amsterdam we had some time for lunch.

Our teachers made sure we got in the French mood straight away. We played some French people bingo and created sketches where we imagined meeting our new friends in twenty years time. We performed the sketches at a quiet area of the airport and we very much enjoyed laughing at the creativity. Some of the group were lion tamers and astronauts!

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Mentors’ Favourite Moments of 2017

What a year 2017 has been! As we start 2018, we asked some of our mentors what their favourite moment of 2017 was in their native languages.


Uno dei miei momenti preferiti del campo estivo è stata la “escape room”. I nostri campers si sono districati tra mille prove, una dopo l’altra, mentre io da fuori cercavo di aiutarli senza però parlare! Sono riusciuti a risolvere tutte le prove, e a guadagnarsi una buonissima torta alla fine! Peccato però, che di torta per me non ne hanno lasciata neanche una briciola!

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