Language Adventures with Mearns Castle

This morning, Mearns Castle’s S1s arrived at Lapwing Lodge for their French camp. We started the day with some games to help the mentors learn our names and get to know one another better. There were games involving ninjas and even blind samurais!

We then split into teams to head out on our Language Quest. We had to complete a whole range of logic, physical and language challenges and win coins for our teams. We worked amazingly well together and impressed our mentors with how much language remembered!

After baguettes for lunch, we had our podcast project. We chose celebrities, dressed up and recorded our interviews in French.

Then it was time for our adventure activities. We had chosen either archery or high ropes and we had a great time. We also had a survival workshop, learning to make fire and toasting marshmallows, of course!

For dinner, we had coq au vin or ratatouille and chocolate éclairs for dessert. Then it was our Master Chef evening. We started with a blind taste test, trying everything from Brussels pâté to madeleines.

Then it was time to cook! Each group received a tray of ingredients and had to create and present two courses to the judges. The finished dishes looked amazing! We also got the chance to try snails. We were really impressed that so many people gave them a go!

The winners received the limited edition MasterChef golden wooden spoons.

Now we are all in bed and looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!

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