Projects, Quests and Cooking

This morning after some delicious croissants for breakfast, we did a funny warm-up with Kara. We were great at dancing and we were then ready to start the day!

Next, we split into three groups for our language projects. Maxime’s group was learning about superheroes and created their own action-packed comics. Francesca’s group was learning about celebrities and created an amazing chat show video. Kara’s group was learning all about cooking and baked some delicious Argentinian biscuits called alfajores.

Then we had lunch. Today, we had ‘croque monsieur’ which are delicious French ham and cheese toasties and watermelon for dessert. After that, we had some free time playing outdoors and in the games hall.

This afternoon, we had our Language Quest. In the style of ‘the Crystal Maze’, the teams rotated around different challenges to win coins. We had to cross minefields, solve number riddles, direct our teammates blindfolded through obstacle courses, cross crocodile swamps and direct balls on the difficult tarpaulin. The winning team were delighted with their unusual prizes including a shark frisbee and an inflatable mermaid!

We then headed to the forest for a game of ‘camouflage’ which is a version of ‘hide and seek’ and then had dinner. Tonight, coq au vin and ratatouille were on the menu followed by chocolate ice cream. They were delicious!

We then launched our eggs parachutes we made yesterday. Unfortunately for us, none of the eggs survived – the mentors were safe!

Tonight’s MasterChef evening launched with a blind taste test. We had to guess which foods from France or Spain we were tasting. There was yummy camembert, olives and chorizo for the adventurous and some easier foods such as pains au chocolat or tortilla chips for those who were a little apprehensive.

Then it was time to cook! We each received a tray of ingredients and were challenged to create two courses. We made some delicious dishes and the judges, our wonderful teachers, were very impressed by what we created.

They most enjoyed group 2’s creations and they won the limited edition golden MasterChef wooden spoons.

We are now all in our rooms and getting ready for bed. We are so excited for all the adventure we have in store for tomorrow!

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