Language Adventures with Mearns Castle

This morning, Mearns Castle’s S1s arrived at Lapwing Lodge for their French camp. We started the day with some games to help the mentors learn our names and get to know one another better. There were games involving ninjas and even blind samurais!

We then split into teams to head out on our Language Quest. We had to complete a whole range of logic, physical and language challenges and win coins for our teams. We worked amazingly well together and impressed our mentors with how much language remembered!

After baguettes for lunch, we had our podcast project. We chose celebrities, dressed up and recorded our interviews in French.

Then it was time for our adventure activities. We had chosen either archery or high ropes and we had a great time. We also had a survival workshop, learning to make fire and toasting marshmallows, of course!

For dinner, we had coq au vin or ratatouille and chocolate éclairs for dessert. Then it was our Master Chef evening. We started with a blind taste test, trying everything from Brussels pâté to madeleines.

Then it was time to cook! Each group received a tray of ingredients and had to create and present two courses to the judges. The finished dishes looked amazing! We also got the chance to try snails. We were really impressed that so many people gave them a go!

The winners received the limited edition MasterChef golden wooden spoons.

Now we are all in bed and looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!

Projects, Adventures and a Party

We started our morning today with some delicious waffles for breakfast and then did a yoga morning warm-up with Kara.

Then we headed to our morning project classes. We each did a different project from yesterday and there was lots of celebrity, superhero and baking action.

Then it was lunch time! Today, we had pizza for lunch and we loved it!

After a little free-time, we headed to our afternoon adventure activities. We climbed to the top of the high ropes gladiator challenge, rode the trail biking track and hit bull’s eyes in archery.

Tonight, we had a BBQ for dinner outdoors with burgers, halloumi cheese, chips and ice lollies. We were so happy the rain stayed off!

Then it was time to get ready for the party! We had lots of songs, lots of dancing, some limbo and even a photobooth!

We are all very excited tonight but we are looking forward to our final day tomorrow and to seeing all our wonderful parents and carers tomorrow afternoon.

Projects, Quests and Cooking

This morning after some delicious croissants for breakfast, we did a funny warm-up with Kara. We were great at dancing and we were then ready to start the day!

Next, we split into three groups for our language projects. Maxime’s group was learning about superheroes and created their own action-packed comics. Francesca’s group was learning about celebrities and created an amazing chat show video. Kara’s group was learning all about cooking and baked some delicious Argentinian biscuits called alfajores.

Then we had lunch. Today, we had ‘croque monsieur’ which are delicious French ham and cheese toasties and watermelon for dessert. After that, we had some free time playing outdoors and in the games hall.

This afternoon, we had our Language Quest. In the style of ‘the Crystal Maze’, the teams rotated around different challenges to win coins. We had to cross minefields, solve number riddles, direct our teammates blindfolded through obstacle courses, cross crocodile swamps and direct balls on the difficult tarpaulin. The winning team were delighted with their unusual prizes including a shark frisbee and an inflatable mermaid!

We then headed to the forest for a game of ‘camouflage’ which is a version of ‘hide and seek’ and then had dinner. Tonight, coq au vin and ratatouille were on the menu followed by chocolate ice cream. They were delicious!

We then launched our eggs parachutes we made yesterday. Unfortunately for us, none of the eggs survived – the mentors were safe!

Tonight’s MasterChef evening launched with a blind taste test. We had to guess which foods from France or Spain we were tasting. There was yummy camembert, olives and chorizo for the adventurous and some easier foods such as pains au chocolat or tortilla chips for those who were a little apprehensive.

Then it was time to cook! We each received a tray of ingredients and were challenged to create two courses. We made some delicious dishes and the judges, our wonderful teachers, were very impressed by what we created.

They most enjoyed group 2’s creations and they won the limited edition golden MasterChef wooden spoons.

We are now all in our rooms and getting ready for bed. We are so excited for all the adventure we have in store for tomorrow!

Barassie Primary have Arrived!

This morning, Barassie Primary School P7 pupils arrived at Lapwing Lodge to join us for their residential camp. We started by making our beds and unpacking before heading out onto the field for some team building games. We had lots of fun with blind samurais, ninjas, giant rock, paper and scissors and group portraits.

We had filled French baguettes for lunch and then headed out again for some bigger team-building challenges. We had to lower the magical stick to the ground, pass the stick across the river, ski across dry land and even get our team through a spider web.

Then we had a game of Capture the Flag. The teams battled hard to steal the flag with lots of sneaking through the forest, lots of prison breaks and even a shoe lost in the mud! The red team were victorious.

After drying off a bit, we went to the sports hall to play extreme dodgeball. We had to protect our kings and queens, knock down the skittles and even get Indiana Jones’ treasure to the chest.

Tonight, we had Mexican nachos and fajitas for dinner, with French apple pie, or tarte aux pommes, and ice cream for dessert. We had some free time in the sports hall and games room before starting our evening activity.

Our egg-streme games kicked off with lots of silly mini challenges. Some people had to get a Jaffa Cake from their foreheads to their mouths, peel bananas with their feet, model balloon animals or even cover their faces with post-it notes! We had some quiz rounds too to gain points for our teams.

We ended the evening by transferring points into materials to build an egg protection. We built brilliant egg parachutes and tomorrow we’ll be dropping them from the roof! If they survive, we get to break the egg over the head of a mentor! We can’t wait!

We are now all tucked up in bed and ready for another action-packed day tomorrow!