Colours, Swimming, Glasgow and Challenges

We started Friday morning with a fresh morning swim and then more amazing language lessons with lots of interesting projects – from children’s literature to business.

After lunch, it was time to prepare our t-shirts for our colour battle. We had to design our targets in our team colours first.

Then we headed to the beach for our colour battle to start. Each team had coloured powders and we had to try to paint the other team as much as possible. Everyone was really fast – especially Michael and Ruben! We had lots of fun and got COVERED in colour.

Our teams both won as everyone was so colourful and so we all got water guns. Of course, we then finished off our afternoon with a water fight!

In the evening, we headed to the sports centre for some extreme dodgeball. It was so hard to hit Sina!

Our lessons on Saturday started a little later to give us some extra sleep. But once we started, we really enjoyed them.

We then headed into Ayr, the closest town to do a little shopping and then we went to the pool. We had giant inflatable assault courses and the diving board to keep us entertained. Even wee Ben joined us too.

In the evening, we had our Escape Room and Casino Night. Mya was incredibly lucky at Roulette and had so much more money than the competition! She won an amazing bubble wand!

On Sunday, we headed to Glasgow early. We started the day by visiting the Tall Ship and then jumping on the tour bus to visit Kelvingrove museum and Glasgow University.

Then we went to the city centre for some shopping and the chance to stock up on snacks! The winners of MasterChef also received their deep fried Mars bars and they weren’t as bad as people imagined. It was then back on the tour bus to finish the city tour.

In the evening, we had our zombie challenge where we had to complete challenges on the castle grounds without being caught by a zombie mentor! They didn’t look too scary though!

Yesterday morning, we had our lessons. Many of the groups were learning about food in the chef projects.

In the afternoon, we split into mixed language groups and had to rotate around stations across the castle grounds for our Crystal Maze. Baron was a mentor for the day too and was a challenge master. The winning team got to choose mentors to throw wet sponges at! Poor Gregor and Michael.

We had a BBQ for dinner with lots of German sausages.

Finally, we headed to Laser Quest and bowling in Ayr. Wiktor was amazing at bowling!

This morning, we had our final language lesson and a few groups were learning about games – a great topic for the day. Guayi’s group even invented their own board games.

We had afternoon tea for lunch with plenty of cute sandwiches and cakes.

This afternoon, we had our giant board games which included life-sized Jungle Speed, Water Dragons and Malefitz. It was super fun.

We ended the day with a glow party. We had glow in the dark facepaints and danced the night away to some brilliant tunes. We also did some limbo, a bit of Scottish ceilidh dancing and watched all the photos and videos from the week.

We can’t believe it’s the last night but we are looking forward to seeing our families again tomorrow. It’s been a great week!

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