A Great Start to International Camp ’19

We started International Camp off on Sunday night with young people coming together from 5 different countries – all ready to learn foreign languages and share their cultures.

Our first activities started during dinner with some name games and then we had our Campers vs Mentors challenges. We competed in a range of mini challenged against our teachers for the week. It involved everything from shaving foam and playing cards to mouth pieces and cotton buds!

On Monday morning, we kicked off our lessons. Each group worked on a different theme. The junior English group were working on a theatre project while the Spanish group were discussing fashion.

After lunch, we played lots of different team-building games to get to know one another better. We saw ‘magical’ sticks and had to avoid being hit by the pool noodle!

Then it was time for our shipwrecked challenge. On the beach, we had to make fire using flint and steel, cook something from scratch on the campfire and build a raft to reach the buoy in the sea and open the prize chest.

It was then time for some beach sport – frisbee and volleyball before heading back to camp.

In the evening, we had BBQ MasterChef. The campers were given ingredients to cook a two course meal on the barbecue for the judges. All the groups created delicious dishes but the inventive barbecued pizzas were the winning team for their creativity and great taste!

On Tuesday, we split into our groups again for language lessons. The junior French group were learning all about the jungle while the senior French group worked on a business project.

In the afternoon, we made our own fairytale films in our foreign languages. The plots were crazy featuring lots of fairies, witches and even a magical baby and a zebricorne.

In the evening, we headed to the sports centre for some football, basketball and rounders on the picthes.

Many of the campers decided to go for a swim in the beautiful sunset before bed.

On Wednesday morning, our lessons were packed full of action again. The German group were learning about the Dative, the senior English group were talking about the British Isles and the junior French group were working on a catwalk fashion project.

In the afternoon, we had our Clan Wars. Our group split into two teams and created their own ‘clans’. One clan was ‘The Stripey Zebras Drinking Tea’ and the other was ‘The Crazy Süße Eichhörnchen’. We painted flags ready for the afternoon’s activities and our faces too!

We then had team races and a tug of war before ending the afternoon in a giant game of Capture the Flag.

Our evening activity was a multilingual and international quiz which featured rounds on Disney songs, geography, riddles and even a round about our mentors. The winning team won some very random coconuts.

This morning, we got up very early to head out for our outdoor adventure day. We arrived in the sun for our canyoning and climbing and spent the whole day exploring. Our canyoning photos were taken by our instructors so we’ll get to see them very soon!

This evening, after a barbecue on a beach and some competitive table tennis competitions, we have snuggled down for a film night with plenty of popcorn and our duvets. It has been an exhausting but fun start to the camp!

We’ll get another update to all our wonderful parents via the blog in a few days!

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