Pirates, Carnivals and Chases in the Rain

This morning, after some bacon rolls for breakfast, we did some yoga and martial arts with Kara to get us warmed up and ready for the day.

We started the morning by creating some tube pirates and parrots while we waited for some new campers to arrive. We are super talented when it comes to crafts and they looked amazing!

When Arabella and Wilf arrived, we did some pirate-themed team-building to get to know them better – we played ‘sharks’ with the parachute, cross swamps with islands, transported cannonballs and even showed our strength in our tug of war.

Then we had our first lesson of the day – we learned all about physical descriptions and how to describe our pirates. We played lots of games and even some ‘guess who’!

For lunch, we had lentil soup and rolls and some delicious French madeleines for dessert. They tasted great!

We kicked the afternoon off with a pirate carnival where we could win coins by playing games and learning words. We could trade the coins for wet sponges to throw at Kara’s face! She got soaked (by the rain and our throws) and Daniel had amazing aim!

Next we had another language lesson – this time, about clothes. We played lots of flashcard games and had lots of fun while learning so much French, Spanish, German and English. We used what we learned to create some wanted posters for our pirate villains. Many of them featured George, our camp monkey!

We then had to make our own dinner! We were given lots of ingredients to make our pizzas. Ava was very creative and even made a stuffed crust!!! They headed to the oven to be cooked for us while we prepared to brave the rain!

We headed to the playing field for a game of ‘pirate chase’. We had to leave our base to complete challenges and collect item without being caught by the mentor pirates. If they caught us, we became pirates too. We didn’t care that we got a bit wet and had lots of fun finally getting outside for a while!

Our pizzas were ready when we got back to camp and we had some lovely fruit salad for dessert.

Finally, we had our MasterChef evening as everything was too wet for a campfire! We started by taste testing some foods from Scotland, France and Spain. We were blindfolded and had to guess what we were trying. There was delicious camembert, chorizo, olives and even a Tunnocks chocolate wafer. We could then, if we wanted, try some ‘escargots’. Lots of us were brave enough and many of us really enjoyed them.

Then we got trays of ingredients to create a dish for Kara and Thomas to judge. We were super creative and made some amazing food. We even learned some of the words for the ingredients and presented them. The judges were impressed by all our creations but the winning group was Henry, Annabelle, Wilf and Arabella! Bravo!

We are all exhausted after so many activities and are all in bed. We are looking forward to our final day tomorrow – hopefully with a bit more sun!!!


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  1. Kerry

    They have clearly been having a ball! Thank you to all – & look forward to seeing & hearing more tomorrow.

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