Puppet Shows and BBQs

This morning, we started the day with some delicious croissants and pains au chocolat for breakfast. Then we got ready and had our morning warm-up outdoors with Kara. We did some aerobics to get us all ready to learn.

Then we had our first language lesson. We learned all about dinosaur habitats. We played lots of fun flashcard games.

We headed to the adventure play park next for our footprint challenge. There were dinosaur footprints with foreign language words hidden all over the park and we had to find them as quickly as possible, and of course, remember them! The French group were the winners! Bravo! We also had some time to play before heading back to the camp for lunch.

We had a French themed lunch of croque monsieur and watermelon for dessert.

After lunch, we had our second dinosaur lesson on food. We played games like snap to help us remember our new words. Then it was time to use everything we have learned in our dinosaur lessons in our puppet show project. First we made our puppets and they looked beautiful before writing our scripts and heading out to film. The finished shows are great!

We had to say ‘auf weidersehen’ to Kate and Max who left at 3.30 as they were only staying for the first camp.

The rest of us then headed out to the beach for our land art activity. We had to create the best dinosaur possible, and describe it in English, French, Spanish or German, using what we could find on the beach! Katherine even fitted in the mouth of her t-rex!

We decorated biscuits for our film night and headed back to the beach for our BBQ. We had sausages, burgers and halloumi on Thomas’ barbecue. They tasted great and we loved making the most of the great weather and eating outside. Some of the boys had great dance moves and were boogying to the music!

Finally, we got settled down for our film night. We got into our pyjamas and took our duvets to the lounge. We ate our biscuits and enjoyed some time to chill.

Now everyone is tucked up in bed and exhausted after a very busy day!

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