Launch Camp – Meeting the dinosaurs

This morning, our amazing Launch Camp campers arrived at the beautiful Dolphin House in the sun. We started the day by colouring our passports and chatting to our new friends while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. When all campers were here, we started some team-building games. We played blind t-rex, dinosaur wars and even worked together to tackle the magical prehistoric stick.

Next we had lunch. Today, we had delicious baked potatoes with a huge choice of fillings and some chocolate for dessert.

Then we had our first language lesson in English, French, Spanish or German. We met our teachers and started learning about dinosaur bodies. We flashcard games and learned how to describe the dinosaurs.

Because the weather was so beautiful, we headed to the beach for a little cool-off. We did some swimming and some playing in the sand. We even had a little game of water frisbee.

When we came back, it was time for our second lesson. We learned all about dinosaur actions and modal verbs. We played ‘pin the tail on the dino’, charades and musical actions. Then we used everything we learned to create comic books about our dinosaur characters.

Then it was time for dinner. Tonight was German night and we had Kaspätzle – a German pasta with cheese and onions. Those of us who weren’t so adventurous opted for pasta with a tomato sauce. Then there was German Apfelstrudel for dessert.

Tonight we had our dinosaur egg-streme games. We had lots of funny mini challenges – peeling a banana with our feet, getting a KitKat from our foreheads into our mouths without using our hands and even seeing how many post-it notes we could stick to our faces. It was really funny. The team with the most points won the bag with the most equipment to protect a dinosaur egg. We then had to create a device for the egg to slide down a zipline. The team which had the fastest egg got to break it on the head of a mentor The winning group chose Thomas and he wasn’t very happy!

Now everyone is all tucked up in bed ready for tomorrow. We have another busy day planned!

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