An Adventurous Day

After breakfast this morning, we started the day with a morning dance warm-up with Kara.

Then we headed to our first morning project. Some of us were learning about celebrities in French and making films with Francesca. Some of us were learning about superheroes in French and making comics with Nelly and Benjamin. And some of us were cooking in Spanish with Bronya. We had lots of fun!

After a morning full of new French and Spanish words, we were so happy to eat delicious croque monsieur for lunch.

Then, the group split into two. The adventure sport group got the chance to take part in high ropes, archery and trail biking. The survival group were building shelters in the forest, making their own mini fires using flint and steel, playing a game of hide and seek called camouflage and even cooking ‘stick bread’ on the campfire. It was a busy, active afternoon.

This evening was a Spanish-themed meal and we had nachos and fajitas with watermelon for dessert. ¡Qué rico!

After some free time and showers, this evening’s activity was Master Chef. We first had a taste test with French and Spanish foods. We were blindfolded and we had to guess what we were given. There was Camembert, Manchego cheese, pain au chocolat and even some pâté.

The team with the most points got to choose their ingredients for the invention challenge first. We worked as a team to create two inventive, tasty dishes with the help of our mentors. They helped us with the vocabulary to present our dishes in French or Spanish. Mrs Johnstone and Miss McMann were the judges alongside Thomas.

The finished dishes looked and tasted amazing. The winning team was Nelly’s team!

Everyone is now in bed, getting their energy level up for another busy day tomorrow!

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