Arriving at Camp

Today we arrived at Lapwing Lodge in the sun! After settling into our rooms and making our beds, we started the day with some team-building activities involving toilet paper, pool noodles and drawing each other’s faces.

Then it was already time for lunch. Today we had baguettes!

Then we had some free time to relax and play outdoors. We played swing ball and football and enjoyed being outdoors.

We then had some more team-building games. We had to get our team through a spider web, stop the water coming through the bamboo tower and ski across land as a team.

We then played games such as capture the flag and dodgeball. Jake and Adrian were very fast and managed to get the flag. The teams both won two games. In dodgeball, we had to protect our kings and queens to win the games.

For dinner, we had French coq au vin or ratatouille with dauphinois potatoes. Lots of us tried something new!

This evening it was our quiz night and egg-streme games. Our teams battled in rounds of questions, getting jaffa cakes from our foreheads into our mouths, peeling bananas with our feet and even sticking post-it notes to our faces!

The winning teams won the most equipment to protect their eggs and make parachutes. After everyone made their parachute, tomorrow we will launch them from the roof and teams who manage to keep their egg safe will get the chance to break them over the heads of the mentors.

Now everyone is tucked up in bed and ready to get some sleep before another action-packed day tomorrow!

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