Le Défi de Strasbourg et le Quiz

Bonjour, encore une superbe journée aujourd’hui!

We started our day with some preparation for the parliament. We thought about questions that we may wish to ask the MEP tomorrow and made sure we knew how to ask perfectly in French.

Then, we had to use our creativity and acting skills in ‘le défi de Strasbourg’. We were challenged to create documentaries about Strasbourg in French under a given theme. We also had to include a lot of different tenses (présent, passé composé, imparfait, futur simple, subjonctif). We first went for a coffee with the teachers in small groups and they helped us to plan and write the start of our scripts. They made sure we had some subjunctives!

Once our scripts ready, we headed out with iPads to film and interview. We spent lots of time exploring Strasbourg’s touristic and historical sites, some even went all the way to the European parliament. Everyone really dedicated themselves to the projects with lots of footage and even blooper reels.

We then went back to the hotel to edit our documentaries and Thomas gave us some help if we wanted to add voiceovers, music and text. We worked really hard and the finished documentaries look amazing! We can’t wait to watch them tomorrow night.

Dinner tonight was a huge hit! Spaghetti bolognese went down super well and everyone was pleased with what was on offer.

Then we had our French and European quiz with lots of interesting rounds, including a film quotation round, a music round, a geography round and even a round about our teachers. The winning group were delighted and will receive their prize on Friday.

We have all headed to bed early tonight as tomorrow we will have a very early start and a long but exceptionally exciting day. We feel prepared and can’t wait to meet young people from across Europe and express our opinions on the European stage.

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