Some Schnitzel and our Sondage

‘Bonjour’ or maybe we should say ‘guten Tag’! Today was once again a very exciting day in Strasbourg… and Kehl!

We started the day with some preparation for the Euroscola day. We worked in our topic groups and discussed the feedback we got from others the night before. We were also given our ‘sondage’, our street survey, to practise and create our own questions which we would later ask to the citizens of Strasbourg.

In the morning we went over the “Pont de l’Europe” and went to Kehl, a city in Germany. Kehl is located just over the border so it was so easy to get there and we took the tram all the way from Strasbourg’s city centre. Thomas taught us about the French and German history of the region and some basic words in German to help us order lunch. Many of us had Schnitzel for lunch along with other German specialities. ‘Ich möchte ein Schnitzel bitte’.

We then walked back over the pedestrian bridge, ‘la passerelle des deux rives’, to France. Of course, we stopped in the middle with one foot in France and one foot in Germany. It was cool to be in two different countries, which have two different languages at the same time!

Then it was time to get back to Strasbourg for our street survey, our ‘sondage’. Our teachers took us to two of Strasbourg’s busiest squares to speak to the locals. Our questions were about Scotland and Europe and there were certainly some interesting answers! Someone thought that Scotland was in the Mediterranean, that Dublin was our country’s capital and we are infamous in Strasbourg for our ginger hair, whisky, bagpipes and of course, the rain.

We then had some free time to buy souvenirs and then headed back to the hotel to discuss our survey answers and share what we found out with the others.

After dinner, we took a long walk to “la Petite France”, the old part of the city which is a UNESCO world heritage sight. Thomas told us lots of more information about the area with some of his ‘fun facts’.

Again, we are all exhausted after a day full of languages, politics and great food. Le marchand de sable va bientôt passer, bonne nuit tout le monde!


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