Swapping Haribo and visiting the Council of Europe

This morning we woke up and had breakfast. The smell of fresh bread and croissants was a delight!

We then met at 9 for some more French team building. In groups of two we came up with our own sketch where we met 20 years in the future. Afterwards, and in preparation for our visit this afternoon to the Council of Europe, we first learned some key information about the Council and its importance for Europe. Afterwards we sat together and came up with possible questions in French we could ask our tour guide.

The rest of the morning, we took part in a treasure hunt in Strasbourg: we had a few challenges to do and questions to answer. We really got to test our French during the ‘swapping challenge’, where we began with a bag of Haribo and had to swap it up to the best possible object. The teams all did brilliantly and managed to swap for a candle, an avocado or even some Strasbourg souvenirs.  We also had questions to complete such as finding out the price of a BigMac in Strasbourg, the number of columns we can see at the Opéra national du Rhin and which flags are at the town hall. It was very good fun and we managed to visit most of the city thanks to the treasure hunt.

We had lunch in town and some of us tried Alsatian specialities like choucroute or tarte flambée. Both were very nice and we now can’t wait to try some specialities in Germany tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Council of Europe. We were welcomed by Isabella, our French tour guide, who told us about the council’s role and the European Court of Human Rights. We watched a video about the organisation in their specially built theatre and then headed into the hemicycle for more information from our guide and the chance to ask the questions we prepared in the morning. We learnt a lot about the council and how it protects Europe’s citizens.

In the evening, we were divided into different groups to discuss our topics for the Euroscola Day on Thursday. We discussed our research, came up with ideas as a group and presented our results to the others, answering their questions and integrating their ideas. It was a good preparation for Thursday and we now feel much more confident.

We are now all tired and are about to go to bed. After our first full day in total French immersion, we now deserve a good night’s sleep! À demain, pour de nouvelles aventures!


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