Our Euroscola Day

This morning was an early 6am start as we were headed to the parliament. We all looked very smart and ready to be MEPs for the day. We went to the parliament on the coach and then arrived with plenty of time to pass through security.

We were welcomed at the parliament by the ‘animatrices’ and then headed off for coffee and pastries with our fellow students from across Europe. We got the chance to have an informal chat before we headed to the hemicycle.

Beth and Blair presented our group to the other schools and told them a little about our time so far in Strasbourg. They did an amazing job and presented completely in French.

It was then time to pose our questions to a Spanish MEP. What an opportunity! Rowan asked a question about climate change in French. Amazing!

It was then time to head off to lunch and do our Eurogame where we had to team up with young people from other countries to form multilingual European teams of 4. The question were challenging, and even harder because they were in over 17 languages!

Then we went into our discussion groups. We had already researched and prepared our French, Spanish and Italian vocabulary for the different topics and we were ready to go. The discussions were really interesting and it was great to hear different opinions from many countries across Europe.

When we all returned to the hemicycle, we heard from the ‘presidents’ and the ‘reporters’ in each group. They reported back what was discussed in each group and we got to vote on the final proposals.

It was then time for the Eurogame finals. Kyla was one of the finalists and got changed into her lovely blue hoodie and skip cap. Unfortunately she didn’t win but we are super proud of her for making it so far!

It was an exhausting, but amazing day in the parliament and we were ready to head back to the hostel for some time to relax and have dinner.

Them we ceilidhed! We were even joined by some of the French teachers from our school visit yesterday. It was great to celebrate our achievements over the past few days and enjoy ourselves while sharing some Scottish culture.

To finish off, we watched the photos from the week!

It’s been an amazing trip to Strasbourg and we are ready to begin the long journey back home on the coach. À demain!

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