Blockbusters and Rainy Adventures

This morning we were joined by some of Mearns Castle’s S1 pupils for their mini camp. As it is European Day of Languages, today is the perfect time to join us for a French Camp!

We started the morning with some team-building games involving an ever-growing river, some toilet paper and even a blind samurai!

Then we set off on our Language Quest. We had to go to different stations across the centre and complete language challenges. We had to cross animal language minefields, pick up anagrams using a tricky word crane, navigate obstacles courses while blind and move coloured balls around our tarpaulin. We used our language skills and worked super well in our teams. The winners won ice cream after lunch!

We had filled baguettes for lunch and had delicious ‘madeleines’ for dessert as well as plenty of salad and fruit.


After a little bit of free time and football with Benjamin, we started our film-making project. We had to create trailers for spoof versions of blockbuster films. We now have amazing films about Smurf superheroes, a Mama Mia and Harry Potter mash-up and even an Avengers vs Disney characters film. We can’t wait to watch them all tomorrow.

Then, although it was super rainy, we headed out for our adventure activities. Lots of us took to the high ropes course and braved the cold and wind. Those who chose archery were a little luckier as they got to use the archery shed! We all did amazingly.

For dinner this evening we had delicious coq au vin or ratatouille with gratin dauphinois and vegetables. For dessert we had tarte aux pommes or mille feuille. It was delicious!

After some free time and the chance to check-in using our mobile phones, we started our Master Chef challenge. First, we had a taste test and had to win points for our team by guessing what we were tasting blindfolded. There was some strange French cheese, pâté and even a croissant.

Then we got our invention test trays and had to create two dishes using our random ingredients. We also learned all the words in French for the foods and presented our finished dishes to the judges – our teachers. We were really nice to them as our dishes were delicious!

The winners of the evening won the limited edition Master Chef wooden spoons. Bravo!

We are all now heading to bed and are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather tomorrow is quite a bit better! À demain tout le monde!

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