Teamwork and Capturing the Flag

This morning we were delighted to welcome P7s from Barassie Primary to their residential. Once everyone had their rooms and a chance to settle in, we headed outdoors for some team-building. We had activities involving toilet paper, ninjas, a blind samourai and even plastic pipes! The mentors got to learn all our names.

After lunch, we had a little free time before our games of Capture the Flag. The games were very intense and there was lots of action with the flag and some great sneaking through the forest. In the end, team Scotland were victorious.


Then we had some games of dodgeball. We had lots of variations but our favourite was definitely Indian Jones dodgeball!

Before dinner, we had our culture class where we built Eiffel Towers using paper, spaghetti or straws. Our finished creations were very effective.


Our French dinner tonight was delicious and we then had some free time and ‘egg-streme games’. We had lots of challenges and quiz rounds to win points for our teams. The team with the most points won the most materials to protect their egg. If a group’s egg survived, they would get the break it on the head of a mentor! Thomas dropped the eggs in their protectors from a high height but unfortunately for the campers (not the mentors), all of the eggs broke!

Now everyone is tucked up on bed and resting before an exciting day tomorrow.


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