Youtube, Beach and Capture the Flag

As it is mid-week and we were all so tired after our long, action-packed excursion day yesterday, we got to sleep until 8am! This morning, as it is a British-themed menu today, we had sausages, eggs, beans, and toast to start the day along with our usual breakfast buffet.

Our morning lessons focused on viral videos and Youtube. We watched some videos in the languages we’re learning, learned lots of vocabulary while reading about Youtubers and talked lots of about what we liked to watch and why.

For our project today, we created our own viral videos. The senior English group created a masterpiece called ‘8 ways to best annoy your mentors’ and the junior English group teamed up with the German group to create ‘the 5 best ways to jump into the sea’. The French group made a brilliant video about the types of people you find at the beach and the Spanish group developed a video called the ‘5 forgotten Youtube challenges’. The finished videos are brilliant!

For lunch, we had soup and rolls with plenty of snacks (even although it was really warm outside). Then at free-time, those who wanted to go on a mini excursion to the sandy beach could go on the minibus with Thomas, Max and Hannah. There was plenty of swimming, jumping, and volleyball in the water. Those who decided to stay back had a competition against the mentors in table tennis, volleyball and badminton.

Since the weather was so brilliant today, we decided to move the programme around a little and play ‘Capture the Flag’ this afternoon. The blue and red team battled on the field until the end with the competition ending in a draw, meaning both teams will win equal amounts of powders for tomorrow’s ‘Colour Run’.

When we got back, our steak pie, potatoes and peas were ready. There was ice cream for dessert too! We then had a quick turnaround to get ready to head to our bowling and laser quest evening. We first went to the sea front in the coastal town of Ayr and then walked along to the bowling alley.

We got our beautiful bowling shoes and then began our games. Lily and Wiktor were victorious in our bowling games and the red team were the winners in the laser quest!


Now we’re heading back to the camp on the minibus to bed. Tomorrow will be our last full day on camp! The time has absolutely flown by and we can’t believe we’ll be seeing you all so soon!

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