Arrivals, Films and Zombies

We were so excited to welcome this year’s International Camp participants to Culzean Castle yesterday for this year’s camp. We had people arriving on flights throughout the day and some campers unfortunately had some pretty long delays. Everyone was delighted to finally arrive!

We first played some team-building games to get to know one another better and learn everyone’s names. It was great to meet people from all over Europe who are learning the languages we speak.

After dinner, we had our Campers vs Mentors challenge. We had lots of mini games to play, such as getting as many post-it notes on your face as possible or knocking over skittles with tights and balls on our heads. There were even some tricky sentences to say in French, Spanish, German and English with a mouth piece in! The four-man press-up was a particularly tricky one. In the end, ‘the cheesy squirrels’ won and the mentor team lost so the winners got to choose a mentor to break an egg over the head of. They chose Kara and she ended the evening quite eggy!


This morning, we started our day with a French breakfast and enjoyed croissant and pain au chocolat. Then we broke into our small groups to work on the language we are here to learn. Today we were talking about music and we even wrote and recorded our own songs. The French group wrote a song about Paris, the German group wrote a cheesy love song and Kara’s English group wrote a crazy song all about leeks falling from the sky! We have a creative group of campers this year!

After French ‘croque monsieur’ for lunch, we had our film-making project. We had to develop an idea for a horror film and use our languages to write and record scripts. The ideas were amazing! We had complex murder plots, evil murdering camp janitors and even a demon child born from the sea. We are looking forward to seeing all the finished films on our last night and watch what the other groups produced!

After ‘coq au vin’ for dinner with some French apple pies and éclairs for dessert, some of us went for a swim in the sea. It was pretty cold but it was a warm evening. We were playing frisbee and volleyball in the water with Thomas.

We ended the day with our famous zombie challenge. The mentors dressed as zombies and hid in the forest while we had to complete challenges and find the antidote to save all the humans. There were water bombs to make them freeze and snacks hidden to help us along the way. It was lots of fun and we are now exhausted after such a busy day.

We are looking forward to lots more language and adventure tomorrow!

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