Around the Wold at Launch Camp

This morning we started the day with some square sausages for breakfast and a karate warm-up with Francesca, who actually has a black belt! As our camp theme changed today, we got new learning passports which we designed together.

Then it was time to play some ‘around the world’ games. We had to conquer the samurai, play some Indian drums, win a ninja fight and even draw our brand new passport photos with a difference.

Our first lesson this morning was all about travelling in new town and we learned about lots of places that you can visit on holiday. Then we met together for our project where we created our very own giant city. We have so many cool places including a lego shop, a castle, an ice cream shop and even a jewellers!

After lunch of French croque monsieur, we headed to ‘Japan’ for our sumo challenge. We had to put on the heavy suits and fight one another in the ring. It was super funny and we all kept falling over. At the end, we even had to try and fight the ‘boss’ mentors!

Then we had our next lesson where we focused on directions. We made sure that we could direct one another around our own giant city. Then we took photos of Pedro, Pierre and Peter in our cities and made a photo story of him asking for directions. The Spanish group even made their own version of ‘Where’s Wally?’ called ¿Dónde está Pedro?.

Then we headed outside for a game of Scotland vs France in capture the flag. There was lots of competitive spirit and fast running. Nobody could catch Robbie as he was just so fast!

We had German Schnitzel and chips for dinner (which was a huge hit) with some French apple pie for dessert. Then after some free time outdoors, we had our international Master Chef challenge. Francesca, our Italian mentor, showed us how to make authentic pasta and we created our own fillings using the plate of ingredients we were given.

We had a mini international taste test while we were waiting for them to cook and then we got to try our creations. Francesca tried them all to judge the best one and we’ll find out who the winner is tomorrow.

Everyone is now in bed after another exhausting but fun-filled day. We’re looking forward to our final day at Launch Camp tomorrow and of course, seeing our parents again in the afternoon. It’s been a busy week for us all!

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