Jungle Survival and Animal Madness

This morning we started our day with croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast. They were delicious! Then we had a morning yoga warm-up with Thomas.

Next we played explorer dodgeball. We had games of extreme dodgeball, king dodgeball and even Indiana Jones dodgeball! There were so many balls!

Then we had our first language class of the day. We learned lots of descriptions for how to describe jungle animals and played lots of games.

Next we headed outside for our jungle survival class. We learnt how to make a fire with flint and steel and all the words we needed for the fire-making equipment. We were great at getting sparks and we kept our little fires going for a while. Then we made stick bread. We had to ask for all our ingredients, make the bread dough and cook it over the fire. It was delicious and tasted like pizza.

After our lunch of baked potatoes, we had our second lesson. This time, we learned about body parts and all the things that animals have like a mane, a trunk and paws. Again, we played lots of games to get to know the words.

Then we went to our expedition low ropes course. We had to work as a team to get through the course without falling. It was lots of fun and very challenging!

When we came back inside, it was time to design our very own animals and write about them in the languages we are learning. They were super creative! Cats with wings and animals that are a mixture between a snake, an elephant and an octopus!

Before dinner, we had some jungle games like eating a jelly snake from a string, knocking down the skittles with our elephant trunks, getting our peanuts through the maze with our elephant trunks and even completing jungle dares from our balloons.

Tonight, we had a BBQ. Thomas made lots of burgers on the grill and we played swingball, football and on the swings while he was cooking. It was delicious!

Now we are all watching a film called Madagascar in our pyjamas and duvet. We had popcorn too. After the film, we’ll heading to bed and tomorrow, our ‘Around the World’ camp begins.

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