Jungle Adventures at Launch Camp

This morning we welcomed this year’s Launch campers to Lapwing Lodge for two or four days of language learning fun! Our first camp this year is ‘Explorer Camp’. We started the day getting our adventure log books and playing some games to learn each others’ names and get to know one another better. We crossed the crocodile infested swamp, made it through the poisonous spider web and passed the monkey’s banana between the trees.

Then we had our first lesson all about animals and we started to prepare our scripts for our afternoon filming.

We had some delicious French baguettes for lunch and then did some jungle crafts where we made explorer hats. Then we got ready to film by finishing our scripts and making some costumes. We learned how to use the iPads to film and headed outside to create our blockbusters all about being on safari. The finished films look amazing!

Then it was time for our Jumanji challenge. George, the monkey, had been taken into the jungle board game and we had to complete challenges to find out his location and rescue him. We started with a water balloon task where we had to remember all the words for the animals and hit them with the balloons, then we had to get the boulder away from the cave in our pipe challenge, collect all the berries without being caught by the wolf and get the balloon out of the bamboo tower. We found George and had to get him out of the swamp to rescue him using only the ropes. We were so happy that we found him safe and sound!

Then it was dinner time. Tonight we had a Mexican-themed dinner of nachos and fajitas. We even got ice cream for dessert because we rescued George!

Tonight after some free-time, we had our campfire. We learned a song with Kara and then got to toast our marshmallows on the campfire. They were delicious! Then we even had a performance from some of the boys of campfire songs and an amazing bedtime story from Thomas.

Now we are all in bed and resting, ready for another day of adventure tomorrow.

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