Marketing, Adventure Sport and Zombies

This morning we started our day with some delicious croissants and some morning yoga with Thomas. It was a lovely calm way to start the day.

For this morning’s project, we created a marketing campaign for an every-day product in the foreign languages we are studying. The groups had a bucket, a banana, toilet paper or a bin bag – but they were so much more than ordinary products! ‘Le tapis volant’ bin bag can fly you to holiday destinations and the ‘papel multiusos mágico’ toilet paper can give you the tan you’ve always wanted! The groups created adverts using the iPads and posters to promote their product and what it does. The finished campaigns are awesome.


After lunch, it was time for our adventure activities. Everyone rotated around archery, high-ropes and trail biking. We were so impressed that everyone pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and accomplished amazing things! We learned the vocabulary associated with each activity as we went along too.

This evening’s dinner was our German barbecue night. We had German sausages and burgers with some Apfelstrudel for dessert. We were so lucky that the rain stayed off for us!

This evening we started our evening activity with some marshmallows, a campfire and some campfire songs.

Then it was time for ‘Zombie Run’. We had to collect items in the forest without being caught by a teacher or mentor zombie and try to use the antidote to turn everyone human again. It was lots of fun and we were all exhausted and sweaty by the end of the evening.

It has been another great day and everyone is looking forward to our final activities in the morning before heading back to Fife!

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