Jurassic Park meets Shrek and the Little Mermaid

This morning we started the day with a delicious breakfast with ‘pain au chocolat’ and a Spanish morning warm-up that gave us lots of energy.

Then we went into our language groups to create our own spoof blockbuster films. We started by mind-mapping our ideas and writing our scripts. The ideas were really creative – a mash-up between Jurassic Park and the Jungle Book, a new take on Shrek and Harry Potter and even a Little Mermaid Zootropolis film.

We had the chance to use all the costumes and facepaint to transform ourselves into our characters. We also learned how to use the iPads with our mentors and we started filming. We laughed a lot but the finished films look amazing.

After lunch, we had our survival activities. We started by building shelters in the forest which had to be waterproof. Thomas tested them by throwing a jug of water of them and most of us stayed dry.

Then we went to do our low ropes assault course and we had to work as a team to move around the ropes. It was challenging and we had to help one another lots through the obstacles. We also learned how to make our own fires using flint and steel, toasted a marshmallow on our little fires and then made bread from scratch to cook over the fire. We learned all the words for everything we were doing along the way.

After our Spanish-themed dinner of nachos and fajitas, we had our Master Chef evening. It started with a taste test where our groups won points by guessing the French/Spanish/German food we were trying. There were some challenging ones such as Belgian pâté and mussels and some easy ones such as Haribo and croissants.

The winning team got to choose their Master Chef ingredients first! Each group prepared at least two courses for the judges – the teachers. There was so much creativity and amazing cookery to prepare some very innovative dishes that were beautifully presented. We even presented our dishes in foreign languages. The teachers ate everything and gave really positive feedback. Thomas’ group were the winners in the end and won some very limited edition golden Master Chef wooden spoons.

Everyone is now in bed and ready for another busy multilingual day tomorrow!

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  1. Jackie conners

    Loving all the pics glad they are all having an awesome time love perry christies mum .zxxx

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