Language Quests and Egg-streme Challenges

Our wonderful group from Beath High School arrived this morning and we started our team-building activities straight away! We played games involving toilet paper, ninjas, islands and ‘magic wands’. There was lots of French, Spanish and German vocabulary right from the start.

After lunch we had our Language Quest. The teams worked around stations which had logic, physical and language challenges in the style of the Crystal Maze. There were hidden words in the forest, secret towers to be built, word fields to cross, water to keep in the bamboo tube, spider webs to get through and obstacle courses to be completed blindfolded. Everyone could win extra points by remembering the vocabulary learned at each station. The winners threw a bucket of ice water over Hannah’s head as a reward!



After a French-themed dinner, we had our egg-streme games and quiz. Some people had to get Jaffa Cakes from their foreheads to their mouths, stick as many post-it notes as possible to someone’s face or peel a banana with their feet! There was even a straw-Smarties relay and some blowing football. The quiz rounds included a mentor, a movie and a music round. The winning team won the most equipment to protect their eggs which Thomas then threw from the roof. The Zauberstaub Equipo and Les Sechs Amigas won and got to choose a mentor to break the eggs over the head of! They chose Hannah and Thomas. Luckily for them, the eggs were secretly confetti eggs!

Now everyone has head to bed and we have had a great day in the sun. Tomorrow will bring more French, Spanish and German adventures!

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