Cooking, Filming and Superheroes

This morning, we started the day with some delicious Belgian waffles for breakfast. Then it was time to warm-up with Maxime and Florent, doing our ‘danse d’Hélène’, the French ‘hokey cokey’. Everyone had great moves.

Then we headed to our morning project groups. The celebrity lessons created amazing films with love stories and super characters! The superhero group invented amazing heroes and villains and featured them in some great comic books. Finally, the Spanish cookery book made delicious ‘alfajores’, south American biscuits with lots of caramel!

After our baked potatoes for lunch, we had some free time outside in the sun! We enjoyed playing lots of sports and relaxing!

This afternoon, we had our language quest. 6 groups rotated around challenges to win coins through teamwork and completing logic, physical and language tasks. We had to transport water blindfolded, find words hidden in trees, build the perfect tower and even stop water escaping from bamboo covered in holes. We had lots of fun (and got just a little wet).

The winning team got the chance to pour a bucket of ice cold water over the head of a mentor. Poor Florent was chosen and he was soaked! He was so happy the sun was out today though!

After dinner and some free time, it was time for our film night. The film was called ‘le Petit Nicolas’. It was all about a little boy who got up to a lot of mischief. It was so funny and we even got popcorn!

After the film, we’ll be heading to bed and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s sun and adventures.

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  1. Anne McCallum

    Great pictures again but can’t find my Jamie in any of them is he there or has he run away lol

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