Fun in the sun at Lapwing!

Today we arrived at Lapwing Lodge in the sun! After settling into our rooms, we started the day with some team-building activities involving ninjas, pool noodles and toilet paper!

Then it was already time for lunch. Today we had filled baguettes with lots of snacks like fruit and crisps alongside. Then we had some free time to relax and play outdoors. Some of us relaxed at the lake with a mentor and some of us played swingball, badminton and football.

We kicked off the afternoon with more team-building like the spider challenge where we had to get our whole team through the web. We also crossed a toxic river, transported balls with tubes and skied on wooden skis. We worked so well as a team!

Then we played Capture the Flag and extreme dodgeball. We had lots of fun playing outdoors and we impressed our mentors with our speed and tactics. In dodgeball, we had kings, skittles and even Indiana Jones to hit with the soft balls!

Next we had our culture class. We had to build Eiffel towers using different materials. Some groups had paper and tape, some had construction straws and some had lego. The results were definitely creative!

At dinner, everyone had macaroni cheese or spaghetti Bolognese. We also had Vienetta ice cream for dessert which was delicious! Then we had some more free time outdoors.

This evening it was our quiz night and egg-streme games. Our teams battled in rounds of questions, getting jaffa cakes from our foreheads into our mouths, making balloon animals and even sticking post-it notes to our faces!

The winning teams won the most equipment to protect their eggs and make parachutes. Tomorrow we’ll get the chance to launch them from the roof and if our eggs survive, we’ll get to break them over the heads of the mentors.

Now everyone is tucked up in bed and ready to get some sleep before another action-packed day tomorrow!


  1. Kirsty McHarg

    Looks like everyone is having a blast 🙂 So many new things for them to try. They will not want to come home!

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