Yoga, Language and Celebrations

This morning we had our usual breakfast buffet and scrambled eggs for breakfast and then had a yoga session with Thomas to get us ready for the day.

We had our final language project this morning. Some of us learned all about celebrity jobs in French, some of us learned how to describe superheroes in French and their powers and some of us learned all the ingredients and cooking instructions to make biscuits in Spanish. Continue reading …

Languages, Adventure and Survival

After breakfast this morning, we started the day with a morning dance warm-up with Kara.

Then we headed to our first morning project. Some of us were learning about celebrities in French and making films with Kara, Francesca and Max. Some of us were learning about superheroes in French and making comics with Flo and Hannah and some of us were cooking in Spanish with Aurora and Guayi. We had lots of fun!

Continue reading …