Council of Europe, Germany and a Street Survey

This morning we headed straight to breakfast and then on the bus to the Council of Europe, one of Strasbourg’s European institutions that the UK is set to remain part of after Brexit. We were welcomed by our enthusiastic French tour guide who told us about the council’s role and the European Court of Human Rights. We watched a video about the organisation in their specially built theatre and then headed into the hemicycle for more information from our guide and the chance to ask questions. It was so interesting to find out more about how the council protects Europe’s citizens, especially since so many of the participants this year are planning to study law next year!

Then we headed on the bus again, over the ‘pont de l’Europe’ to Kehl, a city in Germany which is just over the border which works closely with Strasbourg. We had lunch on the German side and many of us tried a regional speciality, tarte flambée or Flammkuchen.

We then walked back over the pedestrian bridge, ‘la passerelle des deux rives’, to France. Of course, we stopped in the middle with one foot in France and one foot in Germany.

Then it was time for our street survey, our ‘sondage’. We prepared our questions, practised the French we needed and thought about possible answers we might hear. Then our teachers took us to two of Strasbourg’s busiest squares to speak to the locals. Our questions were about Scotland and Europe and there were certainly some interesting answers. Someone thought that Dublin was the capital of Scotland and that the country was located between England and Wales!

We then had some free time to look around the city centre. Some of us did some shopping and many people bought crêpes. It is mardi gras after all!

We headed back to the hotel to discuss our survey answers and then have dinner. There was lots on offer tonight – from fish or chicken to spaghetti Bolognese and vegetarian lasagne.

Then we met to prepare some of our questions for the parliament on Thursday. We discussed what we’d like to ask the MEP we will get the chance to interview on the Euroscola day and made sure we could put it into French. We have lots of ideas and opinions and are ready to go for this section of the day.

Finally, we went on a tour of ‘la Petite France’, the old part of the city. We saw the beautiful buildings and canals and Kara told us lots more information about the sites. We even did a bit of ceilidh dancing on the bridge!

Again, we are all ready for bed and exhausted after an action-packed day.

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