Acting in the airport and touring Strasbourg

It’s Euroscola time again! We started the day at 8am, meeting at Glasgow airport and checking in for our flights to Strasbourg. It was great to finally meet everyone and find out a little more about our visit. Our first flight was really smooth and after landing in Amsterdam we had some time for lunch.

Our teachers made sure we got in the French mood straight away. We played some French people bingo and created sketches where we imagined meeting our new friends in twenty years time. We performed the sketches at a quiet area of the airport and we very much enjoyed laughing at the creativity. Some of the group were lion tamers and astronauts!

We unfortunately had a delay for our second flight and had to spend some extra time in the airport – we had plenty of language activities to keep us busy though! We were relieved to finally arrive in the beautiful city of Strasbourg.

After dinner, we headed out for a night time city tour. Kara gave us some information about the main sites in the city centre including the breathtaking cathedral and the oldest pharmacy in France.

We are now all happily back at the hotel and settled in for the night. We have another busy ahead tomorrow and we have lots to see, do and learn. À demain!

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