Our Euroscola Day

This morning we got up early, headed to breakfast and then went straight to the parliament on the tram. We had our first opportunity for a group photo and then went through security where we were welcomed by Lucie, our ‘animatrice’ for the day.

First she explained to us what we’d be doing during the day and we went to the restaurant to meet the delegates from 20 other EU member states. After some coffee and a little second breakfast, we headed into the hemicycle to begin the Euroscola day.

All of the countries had the opportunity to present themselves to the other delegates. Cliona and David represented our group and did a great job of explaining that we were the Rotary Competition Group coming from 26 different secondary schools in French. We were all so proud of them.

Then we had the amazing opportunity to pose questions to Edouard Martin, a French MEP. There were questions asked about the Paris agreement, technology, education about the role of the EU, immigration, gender inequality and the rise of right wing politics.

Then it was time for lunch. We had spaghetti Bolognese and had the chance to take part in the Eurogame. We had to find teams with four members from different countries as the questions were in all the languages represented in the parliament today. The questions were hard but we worked well as international teams.

In the afternoon it was time to move into our debate groups. We had prepared our discussion points in advance and we had lots to add. It was really interesting to hear the views and ideas of the other European pupils.

It was then time to report back to the hemicycle about what our groups discussed and what our final proposals were. Keava and Fraser when the presidents of their groups. They chaired the debates during the afternoon and introduced their group’s report to the hemicycle. Becky was her group’s reporter and presented her group’s conclusions. Her proposal was passed and everyone was very impressed.

David and Matthew also asked questions in the afternoon about the proposals. They were great questions.

Finally, the Eurogame finals took place and James was one of the 16 finalists. He was in the blue team and his team did a great job but unfortunately was pipped at the post in the music round.

The day ended with a parade of the European flags and anthem. Our two porte-paroles carried the flags for the UK which was a lovely end to the event.

We headed back to the hostel for dinner where we packed a little and got dressed for our final evening. Tonight, we headed to a local brasserie to watch the documentaries we made yesterday, watch the photos and spend some quality time with our new found friends. We also found out the winners of some of the week’s competitions.

We have an early start tomorrow for our journey home but we’ve had an amazing time in Strasbourg. It was an experience we’ll never forget and we’d all like to say a huge thank you to the sponsoring Rotary Clubs in Scotland for making it all possible.

Le Défi de Strasbourg

This morning we started the day with some preparation for tomorrow’s Euroscola day. We discussed our topics for tomorrow’s debate and shared our research and ideas. Our topics are the environment, migration, cultural heritage, the future of Europe, human rights and youth employment. We are now well prepared for presenting and debating tomorrow.

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Council of Europe, Germany and a Street Survey

This morning we headed straight to breakfast and then on the bus to the Council of Europe, one of Strasbourg’s European institutions that the UK is set to remain part of after Brexit. We were welcomed by our enthusiastic French tour guide who told us about the council’s role and the European Court of Human Rights. We watched a video about the organisation in their specially built theatre and then headed into the hemicycle for more information from our guide and the chance to ask questions. It was so interesting to find out more about how the council protects Europe’s citizens, especially since so many of the participants this year are planning to study law next year!

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Acting in the airport and touring Strasbourg

It’s Euroscola time again! We started the day at 8am, meeting at Glasgow airport and checking in for our flights to Strasbourg. It was great to finally meet everyone and find out a little more about our visit. Our first flight was really smooth and after landing in Amsterdam we had some time for lunch.

Our teachers made sure we got in the French mood straight away. We played some French people bingo and created sketches where we imagined meeting our new friends in twenty years time. We performed the sketches at a quiet area of the airport and we very much enjoyed laughing at the creativity. Some of the group were lion tamers and astronauts!

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