Funniest moments of 2017

This year has gone so quickly! As we look back at all our Articulate camps throughout 2017, we would like to share some of the highlights and the memories that we shared together. So, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with our funniest moments of 2017.

Maxime’s epic slide

One of the most beloved games at our language camps is Capture the Flag. It usually becomes rather competitive, especially amongst the mentors. During our Mearns Castle Academy residential camp, one of the Articulate mentors, Maxime, heroically slid through waves of mud in an attempt to catch Thomas and send hi to prison, looking a little like a giant whale in the process. He had to head straight for the shower once the game was over!

French onion soup

During our language camps, we like to give campers the opportunity to taste new foods. At Ayr Grammar’s language camp this year, the menu included French onion soup. Let’s just say it wasn’t a big hit! So Marin (France’s own Ed Sheeran), came up with a song about the French onion soup. The campers loved it and they even sang it around the campfire! Onion soup! Onion Soup!

The bat incident

At our English summer camp in Germany, Kara and one of the girl’s dorms had a terrifying encounter with a bat. As the bat flew into the bedroom through the window, the girls flew out, and the corridor was filled with screams. But have no fear because Thomas came to the rescue!

Nelly, Susana and the kayaks

Kayaking on Loch Lomond was one of the activities we had at International Camp and this year two of the mentors, Nelly and Susana, will forever remember their time in (or not in!) the kayaks or paddle boards. Each time they successfully managed to get into the kayaks, they would instantly tip back out and into the water! The campers enjoyed making sure they stayed very wet throughout the trip.

Vinegar pasta

Our Masterchef activity is camp favourite (maybe not for the judges!). The campers need to use their creativity with the ingredients in our invention test. Some of the ingredients may not be considered natural combinations. This was certainly the case at International Camp when one of the dishes reduced Kara to tears because of the high concentration of vinegar in the pasta, much to the delight of Marcus and Eddie! 

Mentors at the pool

When the sun is shining at our English Summer Camp in Germany, the campers have the chance to go to the outdoor pool. The mentors had blast throwing and pushing everyone into the pool. But don’t worry, the campers got their own back when they threw the mentors in too, some of them fully clothed!

The Helicopter

Making films is always super fun because the campers come up with the most bizarre and wonderful ideas. During the Glasgow City Council’s German day, one of the groups were dedicated to giving their film real-life sound effects. One student took it upon themselves to produce a constant stream of helicopter noises which seriously confused the other campers.

Flat Scones

During one of our cooking classes at International Camp, the campers learning English had the chance to make homemade scones. Some of the campers, however, did not follow the recipe too well, adding plain flour to the mixture instead of self-raising flour. The result: rock-hard biscuits. The campers then had to restart their scones in the hope of being successful the second-time round!

The upside down trees

During Glasgow City Council’s Euroscola visit, Kara gave a guided tour of Strasbourg. As we passed one of the squares, Kara told the story of the upside down trees and that their leaves could be seen in the underground car park. Everyone believed her for most of the trip! Even some of the teachers!!!

What a year it has been! We are so excited to make even more memories with you all in 2018. What are your funniest moments of the camp you joined us on this year?

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