Our Euroscola Day

This morning we had an early start and we set off for the parliament for our Euroscola day at 8am. We were looking so smart and Rory was even wearing a kilt! When we arrived, we were welcomed by the ‘moniteurs’ and left our teachers behind for our student breakfast.

At the start of the day, students from all of the 22 countries represented presented their schools. Findlay and Rachel presented our group in French and Spanish and did an amazing job! Christy also entertained everyone with the bagpipes to allow everyone to experience a little bit of Scotland.

Then we were given lots of information about the parliament before we got the chance to pose our questions to a German vice president of the European Parliament, Rainer Wieland. Two of our Scottish pupils were chosen to ask a question but so many others had their hands up. Katie asked a question about whether Scotland could be accepted into the EU after Brexit and Christy asked a question about human rights and the current situation in Catalonia. Bravo les filles!

Then it was time for lunch and everyone took part in the first round of the Eurogame – a quiz with a question in each language represented at the Euroscola day. We had to form multilingual/multilingual teams to be in with a chance of reaching the final.

We then went to our debate groups and we split into six different themes. Some of the debates were very heated and the students all put forward brilliant ideas and contributed to the discussions. When we all met back in the hemicycle, we saw that Fatima and Anna had put themselves forward as ‘présidentes’ to introduce their group’s discussions. Shona was also her group’s ‘rapporteuse’ so she reported on what her group has discussed and took questions from the floor. We were incredibly proud of them all. The whole hemicycle voted on our motions and all six groups’ motions were passed.

Then it was time for the finals of the Eurogame. Amazingly, Ciara and Findlay were in two of the four finalist teams. They were given beautiful brightly coloured jumpers and hats and then competed in general knowledge and quiz rounds. Unfortunately they didn’t win, but they did look amazing and did such a great job! The questions were tough.

The day closed with the anthem of the European Union and a flag parade.

We were all thoroughly exhausted but delighted when we boarded the bus to go back to the hostel. We had dinner, did some packing and then came down for the ceilidh. We invited some of our new French friends from the school we visited yesterday. The party just never stopped as we kept requesting more and more songs. We danced the night away teaching them ceilidh dances and then ended the evening by watching the documentaries we made yesterday and the photos of the week. We were so sad to end the night.

Our trip has flown by and we can’t believe we are heading back tomorrow. We have a long journey ahead but it has been such an awesome week. We’ll see you all bright and early on Sunday morning!

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