French School and our Strasbourg Challenge

This morning after our delicious continental breakfast, we headed to lycée André Marois to meet with their wonderful students and teachers. We started the morning by showing them a traditional Scottish ceilidh dance and then the pupils joined in too. The school had some lovely cakes and drinks for us and we took some shortbread for them to try too.

Then we had some time to get to know one another better and work on our Strasbourg challenge documentaries with the French pupils. We asked them for ideas on our topics and we even interviewed and filmed them. The boys taught one another card tricks too.

Then it was time to head to a French class. We saw some incredible bilingual classes and even took part in science experiments or watched role plays. We then had a delicious meal in the cantine and spent more time with the French pupils. We exchanged numbers and have been sending Snapchats ever since.

In the afternoon, we headed into the town to complete our documentaries. We met lots more young people to interview, visited some of Strasbourg’s most famous places and of course, ate some more delicious French food. There was French, Spanish, German and Italian spoken all afternoon!

We met back at the hostel and edited our films which are super impressive. We worked really hard on them and can’t wait to première them to one another tomorrow evening. Then we had a little more preparation for tomorrow’s Euroscola day talking about our debate themes.

After dinner, it was quiz time. We went to a local cafe to take part in a range of quiz rounds – a geography round, a teacher round, a logic round and even a music round. Of course, there were some fun fact bonus questions too! The winning team, ‘la pandilla génial und stark’ won some Carambars! They were delighted.

Now everyone has headed to bed as we have a big day ahead tomorrow at the parliament! We are ready to rock!

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